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Community Update 222

Trust in Rust COVID Charity Tournament, wholesome content creators, & AT-AT Walkers?

22 April 2020
At the end of last month hJune, Jamesbot, and Rustoria put on a huge Base Invaders competition to raise funds for COVID-19 charity through DirectRelief. 32 four-man teams. Most are content creators of some sort. Minus us, the Facepunch team, we're special :) Teams are given 30 minutes to gather/farm/build till PVP is turned on. Shortly after that base damage/raiding is turned on. Then hell breaks loose. It's the last team standing at this point. Goal is to destroy opposing team's tool cupboards to wipe them out. Facepunch Team lasted maybe 5 minutes lol. Rustoria put together a highlight montage of the event. Here's a plethora of moments from the individual players and they're all well-worth the watch. It was a blast! First we have some wholesome content from the *ahem* [ShitCunts] Aqua's team used intimidation. Trausnik! The procrastinators... It's not a Rust tournament without Mr. Wobbles busting out into song at inappropriate times. I can make fun of myself! In my head I just wanted the PVP chad roof shooties next door to stop so I could get some heckin' farming done. I only had 8 walls and ZERO plan. Don't let your dreams be memes. The confusion in hJune's voice is priceless. Last, but not least, Welyn trying to get admin. In the end we raised over 13k for charity and had fun doing it. Thanks to all that were involved!!
This month we have a somewhat familiar face. As someone that's been an inspiration to a lot of newer content creators I figured JordanPants could get some high-fives. He also thinks Alistair is a cat. "I started playing Rust back when it first came out on Steam in early 2014 but at the time all I had was a slow laptop - so I spent the next 2 years watching Rust videos from creators like Pheado82 and FrankieonPCin1080p. I was finally able to get my own gaming PC in mid-2015 and from that moment until now I've been making Rust videos. It started off as a hobby and has since become my full-time job! I've had some amazing opportunities while being a YouTuber such as representing Facepunch at PAX West, and I've met some incredibly talented creators along the way. I absolutely love the primitive & interactive side of Rust! I'd much rather be chilling with a new Rust player and helping him build a base than PvPing. Hence why I'm known as a big roleplayer! :-)"
This amazing custom AT-AT arena map by NIN is pretty impressive! She put a lot of work into this thing. MikeTheVike did a great trailer on it too. You can play this map on [US] Weekly Rust Combat Arena | Gun Game | Minigames server (connect if you want to check it out!
If you made something cool or saw something cool, reach out! Tag me on the Twitterverse or u/ErrnieGerrn Reddit