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Community Update 224

Rust+, upcoming vehicles, gun tutorials, & more!

25 June 2020
As most of you know we released the Rust+ mobile app earlier this month that lets you do an array of things with your base, from your phone, in game. Now you can poop on kids while you poop. On a more serious note, if you're looking to know its full potential our resident electrician is here to help!
Our friend Cruxal has delved into some in-depth details about gunplay. Goes through each individual gun showcasing recoil vs. aimcone and what kind of damage each does. This is the start of a new series for him so be sure to keep an eye out for future ones with higher tier weapons.
This month we have the most wholesome man in Rust. Ray C has been around the block for a bit. You can find him streaming on Twitch and uploads regularly to Youtube as well. "Hi, I’m Ray C, one of the content creators in the Rust community! I started playing Rust in early January 2014. Having already played the Arma 2 mod DayZ, I was on the look for a game that had a similar survival PvP world, and Rust fit perfectly into that niche. I continued to play the game for years growing fond of the experiences that I acquired. In November of 2015, I ran across a player in game that I later became good friends with, BChillz. Although I had my own motivation to improve in Rust, BChillz had a large influence in my growth as a gamer, and moreover as a content creator.
With vehicles on the horizon, AJ did some tests on staging and ended up making a functioning mechanical shop complete with a storefront and vehicle bays. Let your inner roleplayer soak all this in and get inspired by it. :) It's worth mentioning cars are still on the staging branch until next week!
After a bit of an IRL break, Rizza is back with the raid cams! He swore an oath he would upload more. Hold him to it!
If you made something cool or saw something cool, reach out! Tag me on the Twitterverse or u/ErrnieGerrn Reddit


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