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Community Update 225

Trust in Rust Charity, Pool Parties, Car Races, and more!

17 July 2020
If any of you guys were paying attention earlier this year, hJune teamed up with Rustoria to create a content-creator Base Invader tournament for charity. It was a huge success! And they're doing it again! Save the date: August 5th, 2020 We don't have a ton of details yet but those should be revealed in the upcoming days. Just keep and eye on their Twitter feed for sign up info, rules, where to donate, and all that jazz. The event will be live streamed on Twitch as well.
TheGordonProject has been working on this custom map for an entire year. No stone left unturned. The attention to detail is amazing. This is all part of a larger project he's working on too, complete with lore and all. MikeTheVike did a neat preview of the map with a personal tour. We'll cover this some more once it's all fleshed out!
With new content, comes new content! This month we added a plethora of new content. Cars along with the new Sunburn DLC have given folks an opportunity to tap into their inner roleplayer. Winterust server did a community-collab "Rustona 500" race. JordanRants ended up at the "Tropical Rat Hotel" complete with all the amenities. These goofballs had a good time figuring out all the new DLC stuff!
This month we have Swales! He's an OG Ruster and can be found live streaming with regular content uploads on Youtube as well. "I first got into rust when a friend of mine showed me a rust video from Vertiigo . We decided to give it a try and from there, the rest is history. My favourite part about rust is the sandbox nature of it, you make your own story based on other player interactions, so the story is different every time. This factor is what makes rust have incredible replay value."
In case you missed Gunplay 101, we got Cruxal back with another round of in-depth gun tutorials. This one focuses on pistols.
These guys made the entrance to their base a whole experience. Space Mountain style.
Using ramps to their full potential!!! from r/playrust

This fantastic Rust poster needs to be a real thing!
Rust inspired Poster collab with AP ARTS from r/playrust

If you made something cool or saw something cool, reach out! Tag me on the Twitterverse or u/ErrnieGerrn Reddit