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Community update 244

Twitch Rivals, Real world salvage hammers, player made monuments, swanky desk mats, and more!

21 July 2022
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United States


August 9th  Rust + Twitch + Rustoria bring you the next edition of chaos.

4 Teams, 5 Days, 40 players per team, new custom map with an elimination-based scoring format.

$100k prize pool!
See all your favorite creators duke it out to last chads standing!

Yes there will be drops!
We've made it easier!

I touched on this last summer in a different blog but we felt being able to mute other players was a little convoluted and could use a facelift.

We've now added some options to the contact card system.  Here you will now have both a mute button and a report button.  This could be incredibly useful to someone not wanting to hear close proximity mic spam. 
Here you can Mute, Report, and put notes about the player.  You can set them as friendly or enemy.
Reporting players for bad behavior is always good to leave a "papertrail" and many community servers scrub for these reports.  Using in-game reporting options will capture all the relevant information required to check into them.

Always good to check with your favorite server of choice on their preferred way to report.

Muting options will provide feedback in the chat that you've muted or unmuted another player.  

As always you can still get to many of these options by simply clicking on a player's name in-game chat.  This version is particularly useful if they are not typing anything.

We do plan to fine tune the UI a bit more but this is a good, and hopefully, helpful start!
Kusha showing off their monument making skills.  These are part of a 3 monument bundle and come from a 3 story Bank/Vault (with puzzles) and the other is part of a Cafe.

The ambiance of that bank lobby is fantastic!  Hoping we can see this on a live server some day.
EpicDesk has new campaigns going right now!

Pre-orders are available for:

These limited edition deskpads can be snatched up until August for Sept/October deliveries.
Don't miss out!

New Creators are added to this program every few weeks.  
This month we have Real&Game!  He specializes in recreating life-size Rust items in the real world.

"I've known the game for about six years. And one day I just wanted to make a real thing from the game, so that it would always be with me. Making a real things from the game and holding it in my hands is a fantastic feeling. Words cannot say it. I love being a part of the game, I enjoy my hobby and I will do cooler stuff whenever possible."

He's made everything from workbenches to snowmobile replicas!

Even does masonry!

I'm a little late on discovering this gem but omar 8-BIT redid Bandit in Unreal Engine 5.  It's pretty great and gets bonus point for using Anno1800 soundtrack for it! One of my personal faves.

That foliage though.
This minicopter obstacle course is wild.

Listen, I don't condone this rat behavior but it really is an artform.

Real word medical syringe.  Don't try this at home!

If you made something cool or saw something cool, reach out! Tag me on the Twitterverse or u/ErrnieGerrn Reddit.