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Community Update 245

Rivals Recap, Raid Cams, Under water tricks, Speed painting and more!

22 August 2022
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United States
Settle in, we've got a lot to cover.

Rust x Twitch Rivals 2 was a huge success!  First we'll cover some of the Twitch stats surrounding the event.

  • 386,889 peak concurrent viewers
  • 7,500,319 chat messages sent 
  • 20,062,838 total hours watched
  • 50,950,310 total views
  • 2,499,030 clip views
  • 19,037 Unique broadcasters 

  • Drops earned: 2,997,340
  • Drops claimed: 2,428,533

This is only our second event and we feel it was much better than the first.  With time we'll perfect it and turn it into one of the best events on Twitch!

Now, for some of the player stats and "awards"!

We can't leave out Sven.  He's just built different.

We did grab the top 5 most watched Twitch clips from the event too!

Speaking of being built different.  Rival's team was commenting on how stacked Toast & hJune's team was with most kills and then they quick cut to XqC sitting on a couch gambling.  Solid gold.

Buddha and his "fish in a barrel".

Mr. Wobbles serenading XqC while being slashed to death :) 

Summit alllmost had it!

Last but not least... again.

We're stoked for what's to come in 2023!
Been a while since we've seen a raid cam!  Ser Winter brought us a massive one from one of the Reddit servers.  Let him know if you want to see more!

This month we have Albin!  Somehow he got the most kills AND the most deaths in the recent Rival's event.  This guy seeks out danger.

"In 2016 (I was 15 at the time), I was playing too much CSGO and was starting getting to get bored of it. Was really good timing that my friends could show me Rust as a another first person shooter game.
Fell in love with the game in my first few hours of playing and been playing ever since.

What I love about this game is that you can do sooooo many different things. Everyday is different!  Of course, just the pure chaos that can occur. Its not like CSGO when you load in to a match on same map everyday. The people I was watching the most was hJune, Frost, Ramsey. But hJune was the one I watch the most I was like 'how is this guy so hecking good at this game?'. Made me wanna get as good as him."

He streams on Twitch regularly and uploads his highlights to Youtube.

Reddit user u/TarikMcqueen 3D printed and painted a real-world code lock.

They want to refine it a bit more and possibly share some with the community!

More details here.
I'm always in awe at the crazy amount of talented players we have in Rust.  The things they can do with in game signs warms my heart.  Even the meme ones!

Here's Chigidapo with "This is fine"
This little nugget of under water sneaky snakes deserves a golf clap at minimum.

This one deserves a volume warning at minimum. ...suicidal

If you made something cool or saw something cool, reach out! Tag me on the Twitterverse or u/ErrnieGerrn Reddit.

Cover art by YaX!


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