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30 June 2023
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United States
From now until July 13th, Rust and other Facepunch titles are on sale!

Just in time for our new Abyss content being released on the 6th. wink wink
Save up to 50% off our entire library.  Tell your friends!

July 14th-17th - Live, on multiple platforms!

In this event, the map is the world with every continent, country and island. This event acts as a normal rust server where you can build anywhere you want. But with the map being the world, territories will be fought for, and wars will breakout between civilizations.

This is an open event to content creators and viewers! Join the Global Warfare discord to be more involved.
There will be in-game items and packs you can buy as well.  Proceeds go to charity!
Alpha brings us another fantastic cinematic. If you missed his Cobalt Recruitment one go check that out too.

Couple months ago we showed you a teaser for an upcoming cinematic video Sinks was making.

Happy to say it's done and it's awesome.  
Destructoid published an article a few days ago discussing the most toxic online gaming communities.

We're happy to announce Rust did not make the list!  While this list itself is a bit of a uncalculated grab-bag from subreddits, I'm glad you all figured out to to keep your caps lock keys in check.

More stats on their site as to how they got to these super duper accurate numbers.  Keep up the good work!
If you made something cool or saw something cool, reach out! Tag me on the Twitterverse or u/ErrnieGerrn Reddit.

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