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19 December 2013
Information Here is a change log :
  • Doors will no longer fly away
  • You can't stand inside doors and shoot out any longer
  • Fixed Metal Doors not setting their rotation properly
  • Shelters can be placed closer together than they used to be able to
  • Resource nodes respawning should no longer cause server-wide lag
  • Deployables placed on inside (new) shelters should no longer destroy when the shelter is destroyed
  • Added some missing death effects for shelters and doors
  • Should be easier to squeeze sleeping bags into shelters now
  • Spike walls can be placed closer together, you can overlap them a little bit now to seal gaps easier
  • You can now right click to rotate structures for the one guy without a mousewheel :D
  • Servers can now specify a minimum amount of players for airdrops to occur - airdrop.min_players ( default 50 )
  • Fixed shotguns not damaging deployables
  • Fixed some serverside performance issues
  • Fixed explosive charges not dealing direct damage to structure components - They will now deal their damage regardless of their position relative to what they are placed directly on
  • Fixed explosions doing too much damage to things with compound colliders (shelters namely)
  • Fixed weapon animations while aiming for some weapons (Shotgun)
  • Fixed exploit allowing you to place deployables in mid-air
  • Fixed being able to put wood boxes inside people/yourself
  • You can place stuff on the road now
  • Kevlar is harder to produce
  • Made ammo much harder to craft
  • Research kits are now one time use
  • Increased headshot damage multiplier
  • Added Bolt Action Rifle
  • Weapons now play a dry fire sound when you try and fire them empty
  • Added aim sway to some weapons, experimental
  • Added a small 'lazy aim' cone for weapons
  • Shotgun and bolt action rifle no longer stay aimed while actioning the weapon
  • Small Stash is a default blueprint, and is easier to craft
  • Spike wall returns more damage
  • Spike wall has more melee armor
  • New death screen (WIP)
    Known Issues :
  • Lasersight and Flashlight go off to the left on the Bolt Action Rifle unless a silencer is also added
  • Death messages are weird and can tell you a bear killed you with a shotgun or something random like that
  • Dry fire sound plays on last shot of pistol
  • Nudity and Censoring will display as pants, it's being worked on.
      P.S. we had to wipe the servers, sorry fellas but that's the way this works :( Community servers may or may not be wiped but it's recommended due to the research changes would make it impossible for new players to get started