A summary of our plans and goals. Any dates or features mentioned here are intentions - not promises. The only promise we can confidently make is that this information is all wrong.
Q4 2017
To Leave EA
These are things we MUST do before leaving early access.
39/39 - 100% complete
Long Term Persistence
We used to have blueprints, then we moved to XP. Now we have components. A feeling of progression was lost in the process. Re-evaluate our decisions here.

Implement Blueprints
Rebalance loot tables
Loot tables are a bit of a mess, redo all the probabilities so people get less junk
Workbench Experimentation
Allow players to gamble scrap to unlock a random item within that workbench tier
Divide players up based on Tiers

Quarry Redux
World generation changes
Players with Assault Rifles should rarely encounter players with stone hatchets. Split up resource locations and radiation levels to encourage players to migrate farther away from starting zones.
Recoil/Cone System
Revisit the weapon accuracy system in rust and implement a final version using a blend of learnable recoil patterns and minimal aimcone.

Curve based recoil
SMG Curve Design
Rifle Curve Design
Semi Auto Curve /Cone Design
Stance modifiers
Fix Item Descriptions
Wrong and misleading. We can help players by indicating what items are used for and how to use them. We should also expand the item description panel to allow each item to populate it with a custom GUI, Progress bars for weapon damage and accuracy, for example.

Consumable / Medical
Display changes to metabolism when the item is consumed
Swing speed, damage, and gather information
Rate of fire, damage, accuracy, recoil
Show changes to projectile damage or velocity, zoom levels etc
Blast radius, fuse length, damage
Display which areas of the body the armor protects as well as an easier to read list of its protection values
How long plants take to grow, how much water they require, and the resources they yield.
Learning Curve
The game is too hard to get into. There's no help and it can be overwhelming.
We need to soften the learning curve and encourage players to stick with it.

Hint Popups
Let players know why something isn't working - such as trying to open a locked door, or hitting something that is not a resource node with a pickaxe.
Task List
A list of tasks which play out like a tutorial
Loading Tips
Cycle helpful information while players are waiting to get into the game
Stop using P2P
We use P2P for voice at the moment. Popular cheats are using this to get the IP of other players, and then DDOS them. Route the voice chat through the server instead.
Simplify Damage Types
We have far too many damage types in rust, making the armor system far too confusing. "Stab, Slash, Blunt" should be reduced to "melee"
AI Improvements

Navmesh Improvements
Improve performance and accuracy of the navmesh.
A hostile humanoid NPC that can wield weapons found at dangerous monuments
Better Animal AI
Although the AI has been improved substantially this year, it still leaves much to be desired. Animals should be updated to react how you would expect. This includes better animations and proper flee behavior.
Building Upkeep
Large bases should cost large amounts of resources to maintain on a daily basis. If this upkeep is not met the building will decay rapidly
Mountable System

Sitting in Chairs
Multiple Players on a single mount
Small Monuments
Or smalluments that will spawn around roads
Tree Harvesting Redux
Harvesting trees has been boring in rust for far too long. We must implement a minigame similar to nodes when harvesting trees. They also need to fall down instead of just disappear.

Tree Falling
Tree minigame
Q2 2018
What we're working on right now which we hope to complete by the end of Q2 2018
11/15 - 73% complete
Item Amounts
Revisit the values used in harvesting and crafting and reduce them to around a tenth of what they currently are.
Farming 3.0
Farming is a mess. Clean it up, make it logical and easy to understand as well as an important core mechanic to the game
New Spawn Options
Spawn near certain static areas on the map such as lighthouses making it easier to meet up with friends. Also, experiment with a barge that circles the island, allowing you to jump off at any point and swim to shore.
Multiple Island Test
Experiment with using boats to cross the ocean to other islands. As a first pass, these will effectively be large terrain like monuments, eventually this could involve server transitioning and be rolled out to the main game
Scientist Outpost
A scientist patrolled outpost with peacekeeper turrets. Hostile acts will be met with lethal force. You can meet up here to form teams or buy new items and blueprints from the scientists.
Maritime Gameplay
Rafts or boats, scuba gear, dive locations, underwater resources.
Cargo Ship Event
A periodic server event involving a barge or cargo ship carying scientists and equipment. players can approach and board it and battle eachother to secure the loot
Radtown Obstacles
Locked Crates, Keycards, Broken doors, Snapped cables - Looting radtowns should be more involved than simply visiting every empty room. Gaining access to different parts of monuments will require playing minigames and using items you may or may not have brought with you - Beyond which lies a guaranteed reward.
Team System
We tried for years to have identification work by what clothes people were wearing or how unique the players looked. It ended up sucking and relied on teamspeak and jumpchecks. We need to add a system to help identify your friends from farther away, such as seeing your friends name tags or icons from afar,
Implement several tiers of workbenches. These will be used to seperate tech tiers as well as reduce crafting times.
Player Model Improvements

Player Model Variations
More variation of players and better models
Clothing on First Person Arms
New Arrow Heads
Fire, Metal, Stone - These new arrow heads will provide players with various advantages when using bows.
Chinook Event
A periodic event where a transport helicopter delivers a locked crate similar to an airdrop to a specific radtown. Players will have to capture and hold this area for a period of time to gain access to the loot.
Q4 2018
What we will be working on which we hope to complete by the end of Q4 2018
3/22 - 14% complete
Online Raiding Balance
Limit the usefulness of honeycombing, Instead we should encourage the use of traps and add raid notifications (cctv cameras)
An object that will gather loot left behind from dead players so you gain what the attackers lose in a failed offline raid.
Player Movement Update

Serverside Fall Physics
If a player's connection becomes unreliable the server should take over movement to prevent hovering players
Uncoupled from Physics System
Allows us to move the player at greater than 60hz
Parented Offset movement
Keep track of which entity the player is on. Simulate this object first and let the player move around on it. This allows us to have freedom of movement on large moving objects such as hot air balloon decks, pickup truck beds, or large rafts - instead of being locked into a single position.
Weight Limits & Backpacks
Reduce movement speed when carrying too many items. Backpacks will increase the amount you can carry before being encumbered. Move faster on roads. Potentially remove the slot limitation in the main inventory and allow it to scroll, making weight the only limiting factor.

Hot Air Balloon
A pushable object that you can place deployables on. Putting a chest and a turret on this will allow you to continue farming longer before returning to base
General vehicles allowing you to traverse the world faster and carry heavier items long distances.
Ability to finally ride a horse, or a hog.
Rafts & Boats
Allow players to experience maritime gameplay with water vehicles.
A system of logic gate deployables that controls the flow of electricity. When electricity reaches an entity it can react. Allow players to do things such as place pressure pads that when triggered open or close doors and turn lights on.
Lore Reveal
Actually start revealing some lore about the game to the players through hidden messages and items
Players with access to working in game computers will be able to log on to the ingame network and use it for a variety of purposes

Someone pissed you off? Place a bounty as a reward for obliterating them from the server.
Remote Device Access
Take a look at the CCTV cameras located at radtowns and home in on an enemies last known location. Offer access to your own devices, for a fee.
Need something done? Place a listing
Send and receive electronic correspondence instead of having to drop a note in someones physical mailbox
Wipeless rust
The Holy Grail. A system that allows top level players to sacrifice their progress for a permanent reward and start over with this advantage. Graduating to this level should be done with groups of players periodically so it "feels" like a fresh wipe each time it happens.
From plain old windy days and lightning to acid rain, radstorms and hurricanes, spice up the days in rust with a variable weather system.
Q1 2019+
Things we want to do, but haven't put any particular date on.. These items will be completed when the opportunity presents itself.
6/35 - 17% complete
Visible Item Looting
Items should spawn in the world, visible on shelves and desks instead of hidden in barrels.
Craft Times
Craft times in general are artificial. Players queue up a large amount of crafts to slowly process in the background. There's no reason crafts should take so long, there's no way to make them go faster. Fix this by reducing craft times, adding interactivity to speed up crafting, and adding factory deployables that craft items instead.
Alternative Mining
Use survey charges to uncover harvestable resources around the map as well as on cave walls.
Increase the importance of water.

Reduce hydration from all food sources
Water Well Monuments
A deadly NPC. First patrolling the launch site but eventually with the capability to traverse the roads of the island

Areas of the tank such as chaff launchers and side MGs should have to be destroyed before you are able to move in and place explosives or hit it with rockets making the npc a far more interesting challenge
Side MGs
Five Machinegun ports are present on the bradley and should take shots at targets of opportunity as well as prioritize close targets.
Combat Movement
Do not remain stationary during engagements, making the APC a more difficult target
Missile Launcher
Deploy the APC Missile Launcher to fire incendiary rockets at problem areas where we are consistently being damaged from, optional HE rockets to deal with structures
Basic Movement
Use wheel colliders to move forwards and turn on the spot based on a throttle and turning variable, set up suspension and balance torque etc
Be able to find the shortest route to a destination along a series of path nodes
Main Cannon
Main Turret should fire 25m explosive shells dealing radial damage to players
Coax MG
Under some situations use the 7.62mm coaxial machinegun against targets
Radios & Telephones
Allow long distance voice communication ingame.

Recorded Messages
No more bald heads by default. Spawn players with hair that they can grow and cut.

Allow trimming or growing
Implement hair on players
Prototype Weapons
Allow players to roll their own weapons using basic parts such as firing chambers, barrels, and stocks. Make a semi automatic revolver shotgun, or a double barreled rifle.
(WIP) Allow players not recently involved in combat to surrender by raising their hands. Another player can search a surrendered player and retrieve a portion of their inventory. Killing a surrendered player will result in a small stash being created containing the remainder that they can retrieve later. Surrendered players can have their clothing swapped out

Restricts vision when equipped
Two-Player Versus Minigame allowing players to extract information such as stash locations and perhaps keycodes from surrendered players
Restricts inventory access when equipped. Other players can press "use" on the handcuffed player to shove them in the direction they wish them to go
Indirect fire weapon capable of delivering explosives from long range and out of your line of sight.
Food Preservation
In addition to food being more scarce and valuable, Improperly kept food will spoil

Tier 2 Cooking
Complicated Recipes such as chicken dinners or stews that provide temporary bonuses to things like max health, radiation resistance, or movement speed. New Deployables such as stoves that provide more reliable and faster cooking of meals.
Fractional Reloading
When reloading weapons with ammunition one by one (bolt action / pump shotgun) you should be able to finish the reload early and shoot whatever you have put into the weapon.
Item Levels
Explore the possibility of allowing people to create items with higher levels - these items would have advantages over lower level versions of themselves, such as reduced costs, higher protection for armor, or slightly increased damage for weapons.