Community Update 1

Hello. This is a different kind of blog post, and hopefully the first of many. While the dev team has been busy updating Rust's experimental build, steadily making it the game <a href="">they know it can be</a>, I've been wandering through the community, trying to uncover all the amazing things you've been doing with the game.

8 July 2014

I don't care when it was made or what form it takes. Everything is new to someone, and my only goal is to celebrate the community's creativity. I love all the mad shit you make when you play the game, like the incredible piece of fan art I used as the header from Howard Schechtman. The SFW version of the header image is here, if you want to use it as a background. All the images in this post should lead you to the creator. Just click 'em.

Big builds will always impress me. When I saw The Insane Asylum Churche I had to share it. I actually joined the server, but an encounter with a bear left me unable to confirm if it's still standing. If not, it looks like this. I'll try and make another pilgrimage this week.

I should point out that I'm totally willing to join any server if there's something to see. Screenshots are okay, but if you have made something impressive or deadly or huge, or if there's something incredibly silly on your server, invite me and I'll fight my way there. I want to see these things and talk about what it's like to experience them first hand.

The video below shows a bunch of guys shouting at a tree and the tree responding with music. I'm not making this up. Just watch. It should be pointed out that pretty much every video posted will have some swearing, but as I started this post with a house with "Fuck Off" written across the top, it's to be expected.

Sorry about the potato quality, but silly stuff > pixels. Even with the grim prospect of existing on the bones of your victims, the Rust community is fairly ridiculous. Taking it seriously just doesn't seem possible when you can worship Garry as a God.

That's not something I'm comfortable showing the world. Being deified changes you, and if Garry watches it and realises he's the basis for a burgeoning religion, then there's a chance the Rust reboot could return to the drawing board: if man is made in God's image--and if Garry is God--then the player model will have to be radically redesigned...

I'm talking about the penis.

Speaking of fishy things, one of the better long plays of Rust is the series about The Tuna Bandits. It's a wonderful exploration of the way people can manipulate others. All you need is a forceful character and a gun. Mostly the gun. The whole series is a terrific amount of very silly content, and and this particular section exemplifies that. It was linked to me by Withnail on the Facepunch Rust forums, saying: "This is the best 15 minutes of human behaviour I've seen in Rust. Cracks me up every time."

It's part 42 of a lengthy series. It starts with loud music and swearing, and makes paranoia and slavery amusing.

The blueprint concept is from a forum discussion about Rust and the UI, and it's an attempt at taking the game's immersion to a more subtle level. It's an interesting idea.

I'm going to sign off with a few pieces of art that caught my eye. I'm particularly partial to the Nokia on a stick. Knowing what the concept artists are capable of coming up with, it's a particularly sharp interpretation of the game. I suspect that it's too brutal, though. By all means kill someone, suck the marrow from their bones, wipe bits of their skull from the cracks of your rock, and loot their corpse. But don't hit them with a Nokia phone. It's cruel.

How to share? We have a new comment system, so you're welcome to drop things in there. There's also a forum post I started here, and though it asks for videos in the title, you're welcome to share anything you want in there. I've also created a Reddit thread, and you can throw stuff at our Twitter account.

I want to know every moment that's worth sharing. Write it down, gif it, draw it, even write a rap over the game's theme music (this has happened and I'll share it when I can) This is hopefully just the start. Further down the line, I really want to figure out how we can help people tell their stories in Rust, anything from a comment to longer pieces are valid, from the original game or from the experimental server. Let us know about the tiny moments of humanity shining through the meat grinder of Rust. Go on.

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