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Rust Official Skins

Hazmat Skins

perfect protection from the elements

Nomad Hazmat

The ultimate wasteland warrior.
Available in the Arctic Pack.

Arctic Hazmat

A rugged cold weather survival suit.

Lumberjack Hazmat

handcrafted upper body exoskeleton.

Lumberjack Pack

Scavenged blueprints and stolen Cobalt technology allows you to create the Lumberjack Hazmat. A handcrafted upper body mechanical exoskeleton. Forged with high-quality metal and toughened materials it's the perfect outerwear for roaming the forests. Combined with 4 additional tool skins for gathering any natural resources the woodlands can provide.

Arctic Pack

A rugged survival suit which trades radiation protection for cold protection. Ownership of this suit also provides access to the Tomaha snowmobile skin as well as an ice covered assault rifle.