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Rust Official Skins

Retro Tool Cupboard

Transform your tool cupboard experience with this modified Hi-Fi cabinet. Complete with retro displays indicating vital base data as well as frosted glass doors allowing you to view its contents of tools and resources!

Building Skins

Theme your buildings to fit your aesthetic


Legacy Wood

A throwback to the earlist days of rust.


A smooth building material made of earth, rock, and various organic materials.
Sheet Metal

Shipping Container

A sturdy construction material made of recycled shipping containers. Changable colour with the spray can.


A strong, classic building material made of recycled brick and other masonry debris.


A strong, concrete building style similar to Stone but with a cold, harsh appearance.

Hazmat Skins

perfect protection from the elements

Available in the Abyss Pack.

Abyss Hazmat

A damaged deep-water divers suit.

Nomad Hazmat

The ultimate wasteland warrior.
Available in the Arctic Pack.

Arctic Hazmat

A rugged cold weather survival suit.

Lumberjack Hazmat

Handcrafted upper body exoskeleton.

Abyss Pack

A damaged deep-water divers suit was found in the abyss. Although it may no longer serve its original purpose, it functions reliably as a Hazmat suit. Combined with a waterlogged Assault Rifle, Metal Pickaxe, Hatchet and Divers Torch you're ready to take on the abyss.

Lumberjack Pack

Scavenged blueprints and stolen Cobalt technology allows you to create the Lumberjack Hazmat. A handcrafted upper body mechanical exoskeleton. Forged with high-quality metal and toughened materials it's the perfect outerwear for roaming the forests. Combined with 4 additional tool skins for gathering any natural resources the woodlands can provide.

Arctic Pack

A rugged survival suit which trades radiation protection for cold protection. Ownership of this suit also provides access to the Tomaha snowmobile skin as well as an ice covered assault rifle.


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