Community Update 144

Vertiigo role-playing, real-world Rusting, an in-game museum, art, and more.

18 July 2017

When veys_ryu popped his art on reddit this week, I was unsure that it was Rusty enough to be a header (he has another below that is very Rusty, but it's also the wrong shape). There's a lot of the game in this, but it's also a very different take on it.

But then I found out what it was for: a Vertiigo video that's heavily role-played. I watched it and got what the image was going for, and now you can too (if you have 40 minutes). I cried with laughter at the Dylan treatment.

Veys has been really busy this month. He also worked on KCMO's channel header.

Excellent work, everyone.

Skwealer took Rust into the real world. This is awesome.

Those smiley masks are even more terrifying IRL. I also found this on his channel.

Good work!

Perhaps Holdacious celebrated his 100k subs too soon. He returned to his Rust Bushcraft series, a supposedly tough challenge where he needs to survive without a base, and ended up doing very well thanks to his recogniseable voice. This post isn't helping with that, but that just makes it funnier to me.

The price of fame is... stuff.

I'm a tiny bit late with this. MrMichaelPL dropped this art on the Steam Community a month ago.

Marble Floors painted a nice avatar on the left, and Brullan! drew the man and his wolf buddy on the right.

Thanks for all the art!

PitchDank's Rust Obstacle Course of Kings is a fine acronym and an obstacle course. Let's see how that works out for the people involved, shall we?

Bodies. So many bodies.

Xtab has been through the Steam Workshop skins and hit a touchdown*.

*Confusing two sports is a time honoured tradition of lazy humour**, and I am very lazy indeed.

**As are footnotes***.

***And commenting on your own attempt at humour****.

****See also: overuse of footnotes*****.

*****I have become everything that I hate.

If you meet your end to the tank on The Horde server, you might want to check the killfeed.

There's admin abuse, and then there's an admin using a tank. At that point it just becomes cool.

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