Community Update 185

Lots of water builds and bases, mods, and more.

22 May 2018 (1 Comments)

I've been wondering how the recent maritime-updates would affect larger in-game builds. With boats and scuba gear, living in the sea has never been easier. We're not quite ready to have people living in pineapples under the sea (though if you are, for the love of god let me know), but you can now live stretched across the water easily enough.

That wooden sprawl in the header is Driftwood, on the Rust Factions server.

It's a large but squat village, built with boat access in mind: a water-gate leads boats into a drive-up bar. Bridges are built not just to get you from building to building, but to allow boats to scoot below them.

Just downwind of Driftwood is the smaller, more traditional Dragon Bridge. It sits as a bridge across the open sea, but also as a clustered little town.

There's more buildings to come.

It's not just Rust Factions embracing the brine. On MikeTheVike's server, there's a community that walled off a lighthouse. I always love hearing about how these bases are used. I like that the boats are integrated into the walls rather than the base.

Water good build...

Art doesn't have boundaries. I know that because I just watched Bizzlesnaff use our painting system to tell a story from The Witcher. He reads out sections of the book, and draws out a relevant scene.

The fact that Rust is being used like that really makes me happy. Some in-game paintings have their own stories, too. Like KTKirk's Silent Hill nurse. It's not so much the art that's the story, but the fact that the group's base was raided mid-paint: "KTKirk worked on it for about 5-6hrs went for a break we got raided KTKirk keep getting killed even after telling them she just wanted to finish her painting. After that 2/3 of our team got salty and left. The next day 3 of us got back online and fixed the base and a day after that I msg KTKirk that we had the base back and she could finish her painting. 2hrs later KTKirk had finished!"

Finally, cartistuk drew some nice in-game art.

That was the art.

The ever-fiddling Colon Blow has added a couple of mods recently. The most impressive is a Rusty oil-rig that comes with its own event.

And there's this neat Buried Treasure hunt add-on.

I do love that there's other Rusts out there, driven by modders and what they make.

It's not all builds. Guacamole Jones has an experimental lets play up on his channel, a sort of halfway point between playing and scripted videos. It opens with a cinematic to set-up the premise, then ends up as a low-key Rust playthrough.

That was surprisingly gentle.

Dipping into the Steam Workshop, Xtab has unearthed a gem of a door skin this week. Take a peek.

You'd feel welcomed by that door.

I am never not entertained by people building stupidly large things, even if its just out of shelves. So I'm all for K0RNUIT towering tower of towerness.

Kotaku got into it, too

Think you're working on something awesome? Tell me all about it. Share your base designs, show off a game-mode from your server, or have you done a cool thing with boats?

There's a dedicated forum, or you can fish for upvotes in the sub reddit. I also shuffle around the the Steam Community, so feel free to show me to things from there. You can follow and respond to Rust on Twitter, and I'm on there as well.

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