Community Update #3

What have you lot been up to?

22 July 2014

It is written: "Wherever naked men gather with tools and resources, they shall build a staircase. It shall not be wider than one-by-one, but it shall rise upward. Upon that they shall build another. And upon that one they shall add another. And they shall continue until they can add no more, or until the Admin sayeth: 'WTF? Lag!', and resets the world."

This week's header image is from Redditor Laitine's Space Program. He built up and up and up, and by the end had made a tower that took about 45 seconds to plummet from. Admin abuse? Obviously, but it's still an impressive view. The screenshot isn't even from the top. This is the view from up there:

And this is what it's like to leap from there:


A lot of people are willing to strip and run around in fields to make Rust movies; I sit in my underwear as I write Rust blog posts. It's pretty much the same. Rust: Oxide, by MineDatFunky, explores the highs and lows of a Newman-Veteran team-up, which inevitably ends in monstrous yet casual violence. You can tell a true Rust vet by they way they swat off new players like flies.

I love seeing Rust assets mingling with real-world locations. If you're keen on making a film, but you don't possess the dark arts of Windoze Muvie Makur, you could always use this sauna as a stand-in and do it live. The top and bottom images are particularly apt.

Take a look at this piece of concept art from Rust artist Paul Bradley:

Now look at Redditor Tylenol_Creator's real-world implementation of it.

I am impressed by the dedication, if not the photography. We're building a game about survival and ingenuity, so it's incredibly heartening to see one of the silly ideas producing a tangible result. I'd ask the maker to do more, but he's been found with several rock-shaped holes in his head. He should have built a shelter.

I've been considering placing a collection of Youtube channels on the front page, as well as other community content that we can easily and regularly update. The goal is to turn the community update posts into stories straight from the servers, with reports on amazing societies, interviews with creative players, and any sort of coverage that doesn't fit a neat hole. I hope to explore what users have made with the tools on hand. Any thoughts on that?

For now, I'm just looking for collections of a reasonable length. The videos needn't be long, and they can be anything: guides, raids, silly nonsense, and the sort of human interaction that Rust is famous for, but there should be a lot of them on a single channel. I already know about Argyle Alligator's excellent Rust Reports, and the adventures of the Tuna Bandits, so let me know what else is good and why.

If This Chief ever returns to walking the roads of Rust, he'll definitely be included. He has popped up in other videos, where people have sought out an audience with the campfire crapping sage of the road. This video is one of the greatest pieces of Rust performance art I've ever seen.

That man can talk.

If there's one thing we can trust the Rust community to do, it's talk (that grinding sound you're hearing is me forcing that segue to happen). A recent discussion involved the buildings in Experimental. Right now, you can only build featureless walls on the Experimental server, as we're considering options for how we can make the buildings expressive and interesting. It's something that passed Redditor VolatileBeans' mind. He laid out his idea in an interesting post.

His proposed solution is that each side of a building could be made up of nine slots, like this:

Those slots are filled with whatever you find in the world, or can build. So if you've crafted some sheeting, uncovered an old car door*, and found some bricks, then your wall could look like this:

It's a neat take on the problem. It's something the team has to think about, especially if they want the game to match the concept art.

Rust is gorgeous, and when Experimental has more to see I plan on arranging proof via a screenshot competition. If you've not yet played the Experimental channel of Rust, it looks like this:

Youtube channel Zero Fox FK captured it rather well, eh?

As always, I crave any suggestions from you guys about what to feature. I can't respond to everything, but I do read them all. You can drop a link or a screenshot in the comments below. You can also join the dedicated forum post, or post in the Reddit thread. I also float around the Steam Community, but it's better if you link me to something you've seen on there. You can follow and respond to Rust on Twitter, and I'm on there as well. Just don't ask for support, and I don't really care about server adverts. I also can't answer that question about when Experimental will be the main game.

*This is not confirmation of cars in Rust, nor car doors. It's just how he chose to present his idea.

Okay, so it's not always that elegant.

Bug yada feature yada yada.

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