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A player's take on crafting...

14 April 2015

I've mentioned before about how much fun it is getting interesting feedback from the players.

The image above is from Bronko-ffs (great name) on Reddit, where he's thought about how to further develop the crafting system. It's a really, really slick idea that takes the item splitting UI and uses it to let the player craft a specific number of items. It's such a smart idea. And being reddit, the feedback altered the original idea. In this case, they're pitching a 'quick-craft' addition to the initial tweak.

Smartly done.

Rust is at a point where people are having fun with it again. That's important as a player, and nowadays it's important as a viewer. Games are huge business on Youtube, so the fact that you can watch people playing it and have fun as they do so is huge. That's what Youtuber Jackfrags did this week. It starts off with him asking his friends what they have on their heads, being impressed by how pretty it is, and raiding. Lots of raiding.

We like this because it's a particularly nice look at a lot of the new stuff, sound-tracked by a bunch of friends having a laugh. Rust might be a hard game, but it's harsh in a really silly way.

Developers and admins have tools that allows us to traverse the servers like Gods, as fits our lofty status and large shoe size. On some occasions, when you spy a player zipping through the air like a meaty cannonball, you'll probably be seeing one of us on our way to check out an interesting building, or perhaps a cool and wacky result from the procedural generation. Unless it's Holmzy, then you're two seconds from death.

A side-effect of those gravity-defying powers is when the player logs out, the body stays wherever they left it. Even in mid-air That happened to Rust dev Helk, recently. His body was floating pretty close to the ground when he logged off, enabling some players to come along and treat it with the respect and deification it deserves. They built a shrine, and presented him with offerings.

Humph. All I get is speedily delivered bullets.

Phaedo 82 had a really neat idea of using the admin free-cam to watch Rust raids, but doing it without the players being aware they're being watched. What you get is a free-floating view of the action with commentary that gives a fair amount of insight into the specific little flashpoint. I started watching this thinking I was about to see a typical 'Let's Play', but it's different, and a really fresh perspective on Rust.

A few tips: turn off the UI! Also, less zooming in, as the FoV will make you miss things. But more of this sort of thing.

Sometimes people do the bare minimum in explaining what the hell they just did. That's what Adam-2012 did on the Facepunch forums to show off his maze tech. He dropped a few videos in the post, a really bad screenshot, and that was all. He's the silent type, letting his work do the talking, and it screams. His work automatically generates mazes within the game, like a big bang for puzzles. Look at this madness.

That's all we get. No idea if it's an Oxide plug-in or if we'll ever get to play with it, but it's pretty spectacular.

The Oxide plugin is here.

I was waiting for this. We introduced guitars to the game last week, and though they're tough to master you can't smash them over an enemy's face, they've proven very desirable for the Newmans wandering the servers. I imagine it's because in every player there's a loving soul looking for a release, and until now all they've been able to do is murder people in their sleep, which makes me wish we hadn't made them so damn rare in drops.

Anyway, Youtuber Holdacious used the strum box to riff (aha!) on a classic movie moment. Albeit with a Rust twist.

Of course the twist involved violence. He has a few Rust videos up, so he's worth subscribing to and watching.

Garry mentioning that the guitar was inspired by the player's 'spear pose' resulted in some incredibly surreal imagery from the Facepunch forum. What else could he be holding in that pose? Grymthor is responsible for much of this, with help from Frank_Walls. In case you're wondering, that coffin is his take on Karma suggesting "Makeshift poleaxe, rifle with bayonet, a coffin, fishing pole, a log, bundle of straw, a large fish (marlin?), a beautiful woman, grenade launcher...".

Think you're working on something awesome? Tell me all about it. Have you been using the camera at all? Share your lovely screenshots with us.

There's a dedicated forum post, or you can fish for upvotes in the Subreddit. I also shuffle around the the Steam Community, so feel free to show me to things from there. You can follow and respond to Rust on Twitter, and I'm on there as well. We also have a dedicated site for suggestions and bug reporting.

I can't respond to everything, but I read every comment and take it all in.

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