Community Update 38

Art attack.

28 April 2015

I just checked by counting on my fingers and it's been less than a week since we added painted signs to the dev channel of the game, and just a few days since we made it live for everyone. I had a plan to help introduce the painting system to the players by asking one of the genius Facepunch artists to make something to show the community how powerful it was. Well, the community didn't need showing. In fact, within hours it was showing us what could be done with the tools Garry made. That top image? It's multiple paintings, shared and hopefully drawn by ES [GZU] on the Steam community. I can't begin to imagine how tough it would have been to make it flow like that across multiple signs.

A lot of this post is going to be examples of signs: amazing art, creative uses, and optical illusions. The biggest problem is attribution. I've done my best to ensure the creator has been noted, but the nature of Rust means some of this art might have been spotted and screenshotted by the sharer, but not created. Do let me know if you made something that's wrongly attributed. I'll fix it ASAP.

Hao's Art

It was nickrf on the Facepunch forum who pointed Hao's work out to me: he was wandering the Rustafied dev server post-update and came across a commotion on the beach. Art was happening! Hao was painting Dali replicas.

In order: "Atavistic Vestiges After the Rain", "The Temptation of St. Anthony", and "Archeological Reminiscence of Millet's 'Angelus'".

My mind is blown.

Mad Max Gamer Gallery

MadMaxGamer dropped a small gallery over on Reddit.

There's a lot of random inspiration here, though I deleted a dong pic. I particularly love the camouflaged shack.

Kittysnake's 'Newman In Repose'

At least that's what I'm calling it. It's probably a famous work of art that I'm unable to identify. Nice work, Kittysnake.

Over on reddit, Atlas0 makes a very good point: "Art as a raiding counter measure? "Dude, we can't blow up that house. It's a work of art."

Spector's Galaxy

Perhaps inspired by the recent addition of constellations to the game's sky, Spector scratched the heavens into the side of his shack.

If you squint, you can see Uranus.

Tier Fakery

Would this work? Perhaps in the dark, and when you are on your way to another, more obviously worthy house to raid. Kinoso's "Armour for the poor" on reddit might be brilliant, but it might also be very not brilliant in the slightest.

I can't tell.

Wub You

It doesn't need to be art. Painting can be used to transform a build, turning a random collection of boxes into a DJ stage. I can just imagine Pebeba91's terrible jukeboxing coming over the VOIP.

In Rust lore, this was the beginning of the end.

Dunk You

I am often flabbergasted by the community's capabilities. I've no idea how this little scene was posed by natrapsII7, and I don't want to know. I'm just glad it was shared with us all.

I think the bar has been raised, people.

If you're the kind of person who likes to plan ahead, then Frank Walls has a lovely treat for you. He's started work on a planner that should help people plan their glorious builds. And his art background has made it look rather pretty.

He's also looking for a programmer to help make it more functional, so if you want to contribute feel free to drop into the post and ask what's needed. Speaking of helping the community plan things, t-i-m on Reddit has created a spreadsheet to help you calculate C4 resources.

The very minute I made last week's video post live, Phaedo82 released another video. Probably his most spectacular yet. It follows a multi-clan clash on the Rustopia server, commented by Phaedo82 as he follows the raiders from before the event, all the way through to the end. There's a few dramatic twists in this one, and it's very enjoyable.

I can't wait to see what Rocket Launchers will do to these raids.

And these weren't made in-game. Mapachito popped onto the Facepunch forums to share some posters inspired by Rust.

First person to recreate these in-game gets a link.

Think you're working on something awesome? Tell me all about it. Now's the time to share your art, though I'd ask you to think: does the world really need to see this perfectly painted bumhole? I can assure you, the answer is 'no'.

There's a dedicated forum post, or you can fish for upvotes in the Subreddit. I also shuffle around the the Steam Community, so feel free to show me to things from there. You can follow and respond to Rust on Twitter, and I'm on there as well. We also have a dedicated site for suggestions and bug reporting.

I can't respond to everything, but I read every comment and take it all in.

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