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Dreaming of a better world, using pumpkins to raid, Fallout: New Vegas remade in Rust, amazing machinima, and more.

20 October 2015

The header is from an enjoyable thread in the Facepunch forums. I Want To Believe mixes Rust screenshots with a few interesting ideas for vehicles and monuments (and a rather obtrusive frame), all real-world inspired. It started off with a car on the roads, but quickly spread to way more interesting ideas. You could call them community concept art, but it feels to me like someone in the world Rust imagining the previous world, probably as the life drains out of the arrow hole in their skull.

The images ended up in-game, on a modded server. That's kinda neat.

Whenever I try to explain Rust to people with a slight knowledge of gaming, I like suggesting that if you took Counter-Strike and added actual negotiations between the Terrorists and the CTs, it would be a little bit like that. Rust is as much about the ability to talk and manipulate as it is about being able to aim. That's why I enjoyed reading Pokiarchy's Social Engineering in Rust thread on the reddits. Inspired by their own espionage within the world of Rust, they asked users, "Do you dirty rotten scoundrels have any non-violent methods of gaining the upper hand? Let's hear 'em. Espionage is a far more dangerous tool than c4 ever was."

I would be remiss if I didn't include Pokiarchy's own example:

I was doing recon on the base where the group who had been raiding me lived. I was naked, didn't bring any tools or anything. My friend was snooping around too, he had a silenced thompson. One of the bad guys logged in and saw my friend and started shooting at him, but didn't see me. I ate some nearby pumpkins and put the seeds in hand and used it to mimic suppressing fire (they make silenced gun sounds when planted) while my friend got away and I slipped out the back way.

We saw in chat the were terrorizing someone else's base and raided while they were out (thanks to the info we got from recon, one stone barricade had 60 health), walked away with more mats than it took to build my whole base, took us two trips with full inventories and I had to make a bigger chest room.


It's less than a month till Fallout 4, the second best game of the year (#1 is Rust, for all years forever). Why am I devoting blog space to another game series? Because a server has devoted itself to recreating Fallout: New Vegas.

MindDrifts on reddit found it and was kind enough to take a few screenshots of the modded world. The server has its own versions of Goodsprings, the NCR camps, the Strip, and more. In those places, in recreations of the game's buildings, it has NPCs to talk to, trade with, and kill. Out in the wasteland you'll come across bandits and ghouls, and if you like you can choose to be part of one of the factions.

I understand the world is still being built. Paste client.connect into the F1 menu to join and claim a space.

It seems like there was a secret meeting with Rust Youtubers, who all agreed to use Rust as a tool to tell stories in.

The Grumpy Spanner channel made short film about an in-game assassin, probably inspired by the in-game silencers.

Vertiigo worked on a short about a murderer, hopefully inspired by Halloween.

Rusty Pirate Gaming was definitely inspired by Halloween, with a story about pumpkins and creepy pumpkin sellers.

Phaedo82 used Rust to retell Plato's "Allegory of the Cave".

Wait till the end of Phaedo's piece. It gets very silly.

This guy is making Rust inspired knives, and this chap made a Rust inspired ping pong bat. At least there's balance in the universe.

Argyle Alligator is on a server with a few friends and finds a phone number. He does the only logical thing and calls it.

I'm not sure why I didn't expect that, but I didn't.

Think you're working on something awesome? Tell me all about it. Now's the time to share your base designs, or get into the growing Raid Cam business, or share a game-mode your server hosts.

There's a dedicated forum post, or you can fish for upvotes in the Subreddit. I also shuffle around the the Steam Community, so feel free to show me to things from there. You can follow and respond to Rust on Twitter, and I'm on there as well.

I can't respond to everything, but I read every comment and take it all in.

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