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19 March 2015

Maurino Berry

When we removed the ability to demolish doors you may have noticed that upgrading from a key lock to a code lock requires you to destroy the door manually, going through multiple tools in the process - which sucked. You can now remove an unlocked lock through it’s option menu and it’ll appear in your inventory, leaving the door available for a new lock to be placed.

Garry Newman

Vince has really worked his bollocks off on the buildings skins this week. He's set up a system, where the ground accumulates dirt around the edges. This really helps to break up the tiling, to make it all feel less block based and ground joined components.

He's also LOD'd everything, so we should get some performance increased. We might not see these performance benefits just yet though. I've made a few changes on my own branch to handle the increased skin component count better, and that isn't on the main branch yet. So reserve judgement until next week.

Garry Newman

Tom has been fixing and polishing off the skins that were rushed in last week. There's still only 2 skins and 2 meshes (which give us the 4 faces below), but they've been fixed up and polished. This has put Tom in a better position to make more skins/heads in the future.

Maurino Berry

One thing I’ve noticed while playing rust is that my left pinky gets awfully sore from sprinting all the time running long distances. I added a small feature in to combat this and here’s how it works: If you are sprinting for more than 3 seconds, feel free to let go of the sprint key! Your character will continue to run as long as you’re holding the forward key. Any other movement key presses, or releasing W will stop disengage it. I think everyone will find it intuitive and most people won’t even know it’s there, and it will save us all from early onset arthritis!

Maurino Berry

Minh has been working on adding some new gestures to players and animals, you’ll notice when someone or something takes damage they’ll perform a pain flinch based on where they were hit, not all the animals are done but this adds an extra level of visual feedback that was missing from the game.

Garry Newman

Alex has re-written a lot of the underlying sound system, which probably means that the freeze when playing ambient sounds is fixed. We're assuming because we don't know for sure, but we haven't experienced any. Let us know if we're wrong!

Garry Newman

Legacy was also updated today. Nothing to get excited about. We've just added Unity Analytics to it so we can have a definitive answer when making decisions based on Legacy player counts.

There's also a bit of a fake player count fix in there too - which makes it harder for servers to fake the player counts.

  • Added heat wave effect to furnaces and campfires

  • Increased visibility of water footsteps

  • Updated SSAO to actually be visible, turn it off tho cuz it's slow

  • You get 2 arrows per crafting session, and they are cheaper

  • 2 Shotgun Shells per crafting session

  • Made some clothes model combinations more compatible

  • Fixed item deletion when picking up an item when you have a full inventory

  • Updated a bunch more icons

  • PVT enabled by default, setting saved

Garry Newman

We made a decision this week. We've been trying to get to baseline, building a foundation, get shit stable. We decided that although it's not perfect and exactly where we're at, it's time to start pushing forward with adding features. Balance, performance and stability is going to obviously be affected by these new features so probably doesn't make much sense to hold off on new features until we get these things perfect.

I hope that's welcome news to everyone. It means that we'll have weeks where the update is quite lean, as sprints go long and take a couple of weeks to complete.

So next week you'll start to see that coming through in a minor way, and over the next few months you should start seeing it coming through in more major gameplay ways.

Also starting next week I'm not going to be writing these devblogs myself. The bus factor is too low right now as we saw last week, if I'm not around they can't get posted. So I'm going to encourage people to post the stuff they've done themselves and get Buck to curate and post these blogs.

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