Devblog 64.1 - A Miner Update

In <a href="">yesterday's post</a> we mentioned that we had the quarry stuff mostly done but didn't want to put it live until it had been tested properly. Well we gave it a good testing last night and it's now available on Steam.

12 June 2015

Mining Quarry

It’s in! Plop it on the ground and fill it up with low grade fuel, then climb to the top to start the engine: it’ll slowly gather ore for you.

You should be made aware that you cannot place a mining quarry near a building, and you cannot place building parts near it. This is to prevent people from building a protective sarcophagus around it, Chernobyl style. Every area in the map yields different results, so I thought you might want a way to detect what’s underground before you pick an area to mine...

Survey Charge

This is a small explosive charge you can toss onto the ground to survey what lays beneath the surface. After it blows, if you see resources fly into the air like confetti, you know you’ve found a good spot. The number of resource items you see indicate the gathering efficiency of that area.

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