Friday Devblog 13

<a href=''><img src=''></a> Quite a busy week this week. As you've probably gathered by the constant update downloads and periods of being broken. Here's what's happened.

20 June 2014

You probably noticed that when you launch Rust now you get asked which version to run. We have moved the in development experimental version into the main branch.. so now you don't need to choose which one you want installed. You can dip in every now and then to see what's new and what's changed, without fully committing to it. We chose to do this because a lot of people play Rust but don't read these devblogs, so they bitch constantly that we're not updating the game.. when in reality we're updating it every day.

As part of this update we also updated the normal version. The last time we compiled it was March 18th in an old version of Unity. It turned out that there were some compatibility problems with the latest version of Unity which took a couple of days to fix.

Holo Sight

The Holosight was broke. The viewmodels in the legacy version are really insanely hacked together, so it's probably not a big suprise to find that something happened in Unity in the last few months that would break that hack. It seems to have broken the way we were faking transparency. Helk came up with a quick and dirty fix for us though.. the holosight is actually geometry now instead of a texture.

Dusk and Dawn Lag

The most notable bug was the huge amounts of lag experienced at dusk and dawn. This was caused by turning a bunch of sounds off and turning another bunch of sounds on. Something happened between Unity versions that made this a big deal. The fix was found by Helk, which was to turn off compression for the sounds.

Missing Servers

Servers went missing from the server list. This was on purpose. People were being stupid adding colour tags and giant unicode hands to their server names. If a server started with weird characters, or had colour tags, or had giant unicode hands - it stopped being listed.

I've been working with Bill on moving all the UI over to HTML. I originally budgeted a couple of days for this. I was way off.

That said, making this stuff in HTML allows us to work a hundred times faster than any other way of doing this. There's still a few things to make functional, but I'd expect by this time next week to have everything replaced and working.

Bill has been exploring what caves could look like.

Andre has been looking at billboards. Unity's billboard system requires you to place trees with the terrain tools - since our trees grow dynamically we generally try to avoid that. Furthermore, Unity billboards don't support smooth transitions by fading billboards in.

Andre is implementing one of the forest types that Petur made an art test for a while ago. It can now be procedurally generated.

Tom has been playing with his white black guy. His penis is small.

Then he drew on his face.

Dan texture'd that spear he made last week

Minh animated the projectile launcher


Alex has entered the fourth week of renaming the bones on the rig for me.

Paul made some concepts of improvised weapon/tools, to which he added a background gradient rectangle and the game's logo (in case you thought we started posted another game's concept art).

We're being quite slow getting 'new' things in game while we sort out the fundamentals. Hopefully once these fundamentals are sorted out we'll have more time to add the new items and ai that the artists have been working on.

I'm hoping that we're making the experimental version more accessible. Our goal isn't to get it up to a certain level and then force it on everyone, our goal is to tempt people away from the legacy version naturally by being better.

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