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5 September 2014

The server files for both legacy and experimental are now open to everyone. The APPID is 258550. The files contain folders for Legacy and Debug and Release versions of the experimental server. The legacy server is only available for windows, but the experimental version has a build for linux too (although this isn't tested right now).

You can find more details on downloading a server from steam here. If you want to ask about hosting an experimental server, you can do so in this thread. If you want to talk about the legacy server, please do so in this thread.

Previously when you died it showed the death screen and that was it. You had no idea real idea who shot you or anything. That sucked, so now you get a thirdperson view of your ragdoll for a bit. It is nowhere near perfect but the boilerplate is there.

We re-organised our trello boards.

We added a new Trello Programmers board to house our bugs and feature todos. Please feel free to make a trello account and vote for the tasks that you feel are the most urgent.

We've also organised the Rust Art board in a similar way to the Programmers board. But there's nothing much to see here.

Diogo and Petur have worked on making biomes feel different this week. Each of the biomes now have their own unique colour correction values and fog settings. This means that in the desert regions it's nice clear blue skies and in the snowy regions it's colder with limited visibility. This is a stepping stone on the way to having varying weather effects in different biomes, we want them to feel really different.

Diogo has been working his massive balls off on getting PVT functioning under Unity 5. And now it is. I'm not gonna bother explaining what PVT is again, a picture speaks a thousand words. Here's two thousand words.

Last week you could hit the wolf's corpse with a rock and you'd instantly get all its meat. Things are a bit harder now.. you need to bash it quite a few times to get everything. The corpse now bleeds properly when you hit it too. And it doesn't spawn in a heap where the wolf died, it now copies the bone positions from the parent properly. And any effects attached to the alive wolf, like blood, are now copied properly to the ragdoll.

Andre has been giving the AI some attention this week. They now move again.

Andre and Petur came up with rock clutter. The rocks are deployed dynamically on the terrain in certain places. In the same way that the grass is. We're going to be looking to use this a lot more to make the immediate environment feel richer.

There was a bug where when you killed someone it appeared that you'd knocked their soul out of them, because the ragdoll would drop out but they'd still be standing there. This is now fixed and the player should disappear properly when they're dead.

Tom made a metal facemask. It's in game, it's craftable. The metal blocks bullets and melee attacks with vastly reduced damage. You can shoot through the eye holes.

Xavier made an improvised coffee helmet. It's in game, it's craftable. The metal blocks bullets just like the facemask above.

Xavier also made an improvised bucket helmet. It's in game, blah blah.

We're considering putting an SDK together to let the community make clothing items like this, similar to how TF2 is rocking it. It seems stupid to be doing this ourselves when we have a community full of thousands of talented people who can get involved. Let us know if this is something we should be doing.

Petur came up with a new placement guide a while back. It's cool because it emits a bit of light to help you place stuff. I implemented it this week.

There was a bug last week that meant that your frame rate would get more and more terrible the longer you played. Your UI would become laggy and eventually unresponsive. It made the game pretty much unplayable.

This was all my fault. I am a dick. I had an InvokeRepeating in an Update. Lets never mention it again.

Goosey added weapon bobbing. Your weapon bobs about when you walk now.

Goosey has animated Dan's Thompson model

Metal fragments weren't stacking properly in the furnace, and when you pulled them into your inventory they still weren't stacking. It was making it pretty much impossible to amass a decent amount of metal. This is now fixes, they stack properly!

Sulfur Ore wasn't cooking properly in the furnace. It wasn't producing any results. This is now fixes, you can now get sulfur.

Gunpowder didn't exist and therefore was wasn't craftable. Now it does and it is.

Crafting "Low Grade Fuel" now gives you 10 of them instead of just one.

You can now craft all the weapons and bullets. Some of the weapons don't work right now though!

Howie was investigating ways to make our buildings look less square.

Howie investigated spikes

Howie investigated gates

Howie investigated foundation ramps

Howie investigated the building process

Meg drew some rocks

We are cracking on. Fixing bugs, improving performance, polishing, adding missing features. Baseline is nearly here!

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