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15 February 2018 by Maurino Berry

As previously mentioned, we are moving to monthly patches, which means there is no patch this week. We're going to do the same with devblogs and move them to a monthly schedule alongside each patch. We're going to keep working away on the game instead.

One reason behind moving to monthly patches was to allow us to spend more time fully realizing features instead of rushing out half-baked garbage every week. We felt like we were stretched a little thin before, and we were unable to commit to working on huge features because it meant we would have a bunch of empty patches.

If a month is too long to wait, you can download the Staging branch on Steam. It is a separate executable. This version of the game will contain the latest gameplay changes, features, and content. However, you should understand that this is effectively beta testing. Things might change very rapidly, servers may wipe more frequently, and we can't promise any kind of stability on this branch. If you're up to it, give it a try!

Another reason why we're going to do it this way is so that we can lock the codebase down for a few days before release, and to let us commit hotfixes before we release instead of after. Our goal here is to increase the quality level released to you guys.

This won't affect our skin release schedule. We're still going to do weekly skins every Thursday.

We probably shouldn't be wasting hours of development time writing a devblog every week when there are better sources out there. Rustafied will be paying attention to the @rustupdates stream and updating their site with information about the changes coming down the pipe. If that's too much, you can usually catch a video update on fridays from Shadowfrax.

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