Update Issues

15 November 2013

Grass can flicker on some nvidia computers - type grass.on = false in the console (F1) OR try launching in DX11 mode (set your rust properties command line options to -force-d3d11) Be warned! DX11 has its own issues such as graphically glitchy players and alt tab crashing the game

Some people can't enter the game due to running out of memory, we're working on this, you can try to opt into the developer version and see if that helps you, but for now it's going to need around 2.0 gigs of available memory to load.

Due to the upgrade to unity 4.3 performance has dropped anywhere from 20-40% We're waiting on a patch from unity to solve this problem.

You may be able to find some undocumented solutions to some of these issues on the forums and we hope to get them resolved as soon as possible. In the mean time, thanks for playing and we will do our best to keep you all updated.

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