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A wild western-themed collection featuring 10 new items and 17 variants. Buy the Frontier Pack
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About Frontier Base Decor Pack

The wild western-themed collecting featuring items that will turn your fortress into a cowboys paradise!

Included Items:

  • Fish Trophy
  • Hunting Trophy
  • Wooden Frontier Bar Doors
  • Wanted Posters
  • Torch Holder
  • Rocking Chair
  • Frontier Planters
  • Single Item Weapon Rack
  • Storage Barrel
  • Skinning Knife Tool

What's included

10 items with 17 variants
color_lens Variants
Wanted Poster Icon
Wanted Poster
Fish Trophy Icon
Fish Trophy
color_lens Variants
Hunting Trophy Icon
Hunting Trophy
Barn Doors Icon
Barn Doors
color_lens Variants
Frontier Planters Icon
Frontier Planters
color_lens Variants
Rocking Chair Icon
Rocking Chair
color_lens Variants
Single Weapon Rack Icon
Single Weapon Rack
color_lens Variants
Storage Barrel Icon
Storage Barrel
Torch Holder Icon
Torch Holder
Skinning Knife Tool Icon
Skinning Knife Tool

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