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  • Garage door frame block
  • Added Scarecrow deployable
  • Added network encryption (enabled by default)
  • Added encryption server convar (0-2 for various protection levels)
  • Added Halloween Collectables
  • Added Skull Fire Pit


  • Replaced the ladder leading to LS roof with walkways
  • Optimized network stream read / write
  • Optimized network RPC parameter handling
  • Optimized network queue iteration
  • Optimized server logging
  • Optimized server garbage collections
  • Double shotgun deploys quicker
  • Wall Netting cheaper + default BP
  • Item drop chances equalized for each tier


  • Barbeque can no longer be placed in monuments
  • Barbeque no longer clip through walls
  • Fixed client bone follower performance regression
  • Fixed some visual issues with the halterneck
  • Fixed permanent Debris Field markers
  • Fixed BoneFollower 1 frame delay
  • Fixed AutoTurret server lag