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  • Added eyebrows
  • Added directional scattering occlusion (more realistic fog lighting)
  • Added new fog density computation for better terrain fogging
  • Added frame time when perf convar is set to 5
  • Added Flamethrower
  • Added Water Bucket
  • Added Water Barrel


  • Optimized entity streaming performance
  • Optimized performance of entity parenting (especially door locks)
  • Optimized runtime performance in PVT and water related scripts
  • Optimized ambience system (especially in densely vegetated areas)
  • Optimized rock performance on d3d11 (disabled far terrain splats in blending)
  • Tree and mesh qualities in options menu now go up to 200
  • Driftwood no longer spawns on rocks


  • Fixed light clone shadow unsupported format error
  • Fixed low quality skin shader level-of-detail
  • Fixed water frame delay causing black edges when rotating camera
  • Fixed variable luminance in player model preview on Hapis
  • Fixed terrain shader issues on some drivers
  • Fixed parallax (q=1) on blended rocks placed on steep hills
  • Fixed a number of scattering related cloud issues
  • Fixed that it could sometimes rain without any clouds
  • Fixed that extreme fog wouldn’t hide the clouds
  • Fixed items being unlootable when rolling inside certain clutter objects