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  • Added refresh_renderers console command (refreshes client renderer batches)
  • Added refresh_colliders console command (refreshes server collider batches)
  • Added various batching convars to customize client and server mesh batching
  • Added mesh batching to static quarry and pumpjack
  • Added scope


  • Dungeons LODs and lower batches improvements
  • Rocks LOD distance optimizations
  • New wall frames and wall frame blocks
  • Spectating admins are no longer networked
  • Enabled low vertex compression on all models
  • Updated steamworks to fix a problem with win32
  • Updated to Unity 5.3.2.p1
  • Pumpkin plants live a max 7 seasons
  • Pumpkin plants live a max 3 harvests
  • Optimized pumpkin plant LODs more aggressively
  • RCon is started immediately on server startup
  • Item icons and info are now dumped into Bundles/items/
  • RPC Cache memory optimizations
  • Network + Save cache memory optimizations
  • Made player movement more direct by removing horizontal camera smoothing
  • Server collider batches split when their vertex count gets too high
  • Improved laser and flashlight beam
  • Made flashlight beam invisible when looking dead at it
  • Flashlight beam has shadow texture
  • Narrowed flashlight beam in 1p/3p to 45 degrees


  • Fixed bug reporter errors
  • Fixed bind so that the second argument no longer needs quotes
  • Fixed occasional single frame UI text corruption
  • Fixed some UI elements being out of line
  • Fixed some LookingAt inaccuracy issues
  • Fixed missing or incorrect animal footsteps on a number of surface types
  • Fixed raid tower exploit using shelves
  • Fixed sleeping bag deployable and foundation exploits
  • Fixed transparent surface and particle atmospheric scattering
  • Fixed ambient lighting for particles and low quality speedtree fallbacks
  • Fixed being able to put codelock on airdrops


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