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  • Added "ent kill" admin command
  • Added sphere entity for modders (assets/prefabs/visualization/sphere.prefab)
  • Added entity spawn console command (entity.create)
  • Added flashlight weapon mod
  • Added lasersight weapon mod
  • Added lighttoggle key


  • Doors open and close 2x faster
  • Sentry uses new AK47 model
  • LookingAt entity uses sphere cast
  • New rain effects
  • Can throw melee weapons while running
  • Animal animations are smoother
  • Material specific impact sounds for some weapons
  • Better tree impact sounds
  • New plant picking sounds
  • New semi-auto rifle sounds
  • Better foliage rustle sounds
  • Tree/bush leaf wind sounds audible from a shorter distance
  • Lots of small sound tweaks
  • Improved water reflection performance
  • Physics queries are no longer allocating memory
  • Batched building meshes refresh when building parts are rotated
  • Roofs can no longer be placed facing downwards
  • Reduced max placement distance of roofs
  • Signs can no longer be placed on players
  • Attachment costs reduced
  • Semi-auto rifle recoil more snappy


  • Fixed RCon banning legit connections for 60 seconds
  • Fixed seeing through walls by resizing window to be long and thin
  • Fixed water reflections on OSX
  • Fixed skin shader on OSX and Linux
  • Fixed pink sky on Linux
  • Fixed new SSAO frame lag
  • Fixed new SSAO induced wall seethrough
  • Eoka ladder exploit fixed


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