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  • Added additional randomization to mining resources (server.salt convar)
  • Added murmur hashing for platform independent, reproducible hashes
  • Added pork
  • Added global.timewarning
  • Added window shutters
  • Added window embrasures
  • Added stone gate
  • Added shelves


  • Made static decor placement more resistant to mismatches
  • Made snow jacket single item with skins
  • Server query responds with misc server performance stats
  • Chat input is correctly limited
  • Unlocked doors can be picked up
  • Couple of generic texture improvements
  • Foundation.steps metal and stone hollowed
  • eoka spread reduced
  • spear charge time reduced
  • broken items can be researched
  • item condition accounts for 50% inverse instead of 100% of success chance
  • stone spear takes wooden spear
  • slightly reduced bullet damage
  • bone knife & eoka no longer fill up the uncommon spawn table (now common)
  • mace, longsword, large cleaver now uncommon instead of rare
  • salvaged sword common
  • higher chance for usable weapons/tools in radtowns
  • drastically reduced ammo found with weapons in radtowns
  • lowered ammo in found weapons
  • can no longer place campfires, furnaces, stashes under water
  • Bone club view model anim updates


  • Fixed sentry triangle foundation exploit
  • Fixed warehouse monument physic material
  • Fixed particles being far too bright at dusk and dawn
  • Fixed water not drawing on map
  • Fixed some sounds not adhering to volume control
  • Fixed shadow related memory leak (unity update)
  • turret exploits fixed
  • craft return exploits fixed


  • Removed a bunch of bush game objects from the server
  • Doors are now craftable items (removed from planner)
  • Window bars are now craftable items (removed from planner)


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