Rust Marque Logo


  • Added news feed to menu
  • Added server history to menu front page
  • Added friends who are playing to menu front page
  • Added player stats to menu
  • Added global stats to menu
  • Added server info popup (instead of viewing in panel on right)
  • Added inventory screen to menu
  • Added store screen to menu
  • Added server.headerimage (url to image, 512x256)
  • Added server.description (shown in server info panel)
  • Added server.url (shown in server info panel)
  • Added bandana
  • Added balaclava skins
  • Added lazy aim
  • Added new and improved hit detection
  • Added projectile penetration
  • Added a small sound when raising/lowering iron sights


  • Reorganised server list
  • Connection screen shows info about the server
  • Kill suicides instantly instead of being wounded
  • Server history join date is recorded properly
  • Boots require leather instead of cloth
  • Longsleeve TShirt requires more cloth than shortsleeve
  • SQlite handles database corruption better
  • Ladder placement no longer ignores building permission
  • Ladders health increased
  • Improved projectile ricochet
  • Item skins now work (ie the one sleeping bag skin)
  • Updated item descriptions
  • New c4 explosion sound
  • New beancan grenade sounds
  • Reverb tails wander more naturally
  • New building gib sounds
  • Changed cupboard building zone shape
  • Location based voice limiting for sounds
  • Crossfading between more than two distant sound variations is supported
  • New super distant gunshot sounds for all guns
  • New leaf rustle variations for different plants
  • Cleaned up pie menu sounds a little bit
  • Rocks have spec reflections again. (Maybe a bit too much.)
  • Trees have branches again
  • Improved terrain reflections
  • Color grading reworked from scratch for upcoming changes
  • Glossy mushrooms slightly reflect light (!)
  • Elephant grass (near water) animation no longer acts all buggy
  • Made pumpkin plants slightly harder to keep alive
  • Tweaked weather parameters


  • Fixed error reporting (was reporting too much)
  • Fixed connection exploit
  • Fixed pumpkin plant colliding with players walking