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  • Added "teleport playerA playerB" admin console command ("teleport player" still works as before)
  • Added "teleport2me player" admin console command
  • Added "client.fps" and "server.fps" console commands
  • Added dirt layer to some clothing items


  • New plant picking sound
  • Horse footsteps don’t sound like coconuts anymore
  • Optimized dynamic memory allocations of projectiles (reduces frequency of frame rate spikes during gunfights)
  • Admins are no longer all female
  • Modding: Available UI overlays are now "Overlay", "Overlay/Top", "HUD/Overlay" and "HUD/Overlay/Top"
  • PVE servers no longer allow damage to buildings from players outside of the cupboard range
  • PVE servers now always allow building demolition if in cupboard range instead of only for 10 minutes
  • Loot Barrels new visuals and gibs
  • Corn Plants new art
  • Tweaked lighting on player in inventory menu
  • Master server query port is now shared with game port
  • Clothing icons are rendered from the actual items
  • Building blocks can be rotated for 10 minutes after upgrading
  • Reject invalid player names


  • Fixed some more causes of rubber banding and lag
  • Fixed first person player shadow lagging behind
  • Fixed player bone list including mesh LODs and other non-bone transforms (speeds up certain rig-related operations like rigidbody instantiations)
  • Fixed ragdolls sometimes to being able to be harvested/looted
  • Fixed some ragdoll jitter
  • Fixed entities sometimes being networked globally when first spawned
  • Fixed black beenie skin not being black
  • Fixed PCGamer showing on main menu
  • Fixed loot tables not generating properly