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  • Added improvised balaclava
  • Added boonie hat
  • Added mesh batching to compound walls and barricades
  • Added hit notification with convar controls


  • Lots of tweaks to weapon deploy/swing/reload sounds
  • Rocket launcher volume fixes
  • Hitmarker sound tweaks
  • Gunshots and bullet impacts can be heard from further away
  • Large deployables new foundations
  • New room in Satellite Dish monument
  • Linux fix
  • Vagabond Jacket is less rare
  • Avoided Unity crash when starting with headphones plugged in
  • Optimized server game saving
  • Airdrop event now pauses auto-saving
  • Optimized ragdoll initialization
  • Made protocol mismatch message more descriptive
  • Headlook direction is now networked
  • Improved server backup system
  • Reduced rain probability some more
  • Drowning water level now matches underwater camera effects
  • Tweaked water drop overlay when swimming
  • Slightly increased depsawn times for bodies and dropped items
  • Dropped items despawn slower if they are more rare
  • Research Table success chance rounds down to match UI
  • Updated muzzle flashes to be non blocking
  • Updated hitbox damage scales
  • Wood armor is no longer default
  • Bone armor is no longer default
  • Viewmodels have less sway when aiming down the sights
  • Loot table balance for BP fragment system


  • Fixed certain situations that could cause rubberbanding
  • Fixed framerate spikes the first time an effect is triggered
  • Fixed duplicate barrels and crates after server restart
  • Fixed console UI not refreshing when entering console commands that don’t reply with anything