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  • New Demo shot system
  • Contact system
  • Rust+ IFTTT integration


  • Don't spawn harbors in tight places where they end up adjusting the coastline opposite to them (looks bad, leads to glitchy topologies)
  • Full rewrite of monument prefab prioritization when determining their spawn locations and which monuments not to spawn if there isn't enough space for all of them
  • Changed giant excavator monument to default priority
  • Changed mining_quarry_c monument to default priority
  • Can now press Reload to change the colour of placed electrical wires and hoses
  • Added a tooltip when first using a grenade to explain the controls
  • Prevented tree X markers from travelling too far down the tree
  • Ladder hatches that hit a vehicle while opening will now cancel their animation (like regular doors)
  • Allow gestures to be used while mounted on Secretlab chair
  • Reduced road vehicle wrecks to lessen the impact on roadside junkpiles
  • Improved small battery placement
  • Small battery can now be rotated before deployment
  • Small battery can now be deployed on tables / boxes
  • Censorplayerlist now enabled by default on servers
  • Rock colliders improved, still requires continued work
  • Community cards and chips are now shown on the poker table itself


  • Fixed certain monuments sometimes spawning partially underwater
  • Fixed terrain height artifacts that were causing extreme slopes on certain seeds
  • Fixed edge case where tunnel entrance would not connect to tunnel network
  • Fixed tunnel network gap when two stations were spawned right next to each other and a tunnel tried to cross them
  • Fixed harbors and fishing villages spawning at ridiculous slopes
  • Fixed edge case that could make rivers overlap each other
  • Fixed being able to break Injured animation by playing a gesture
  • Fixed demos over an hour not displaying time correctly in the demo list
  • Fixed being able to shoot over a ledge while in a beach chair at extreme height differences
  • Fixed some headgear blocking vision while injured (Lunar New Year masks, NVG goggles, etc)
  • Fixed M39 viewmodel sometimes ejecting two shells every shot
  • Sleeping players will no longer blink
  • Fixed some potential gib errors when destroying bases (likely resulting in a disconnect)
  • Fixed Storage Monitor bounds, often causing LOS to fail resulting in not sending the paring notification to app
  • Fixed several minor Work Cart train bugs

Known Issues

  • Icelakes not generating on procedural maps - this will be fixed in July's update.
  • Bone error in SkeletonProperties - this is a harmless server warning which can be ignored. We're investigating the cause.


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