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  • Added Snowmobile
  • Added Arctic bases
  • Added Spraycan tool
  • Added Polar bear
  • Added fire damage volumes for map makers


  • Native auto walk and toggle crouch options
  • Mute menu for managing muted players (next to chat input box)
  • Added slots for tools in the Tool Cupboard
  • Show total cost to reach items in Tech Tree
  • Show how much Scrap you are holding on the Tech Tree
  • Hide the Cancel button on the respawn screen to prevent accidental disconnects
  • No longer get kicked out of looting if a player suicides while downed
  • Show Patrol Helicopter on map
  • Add option to require holding Jump to dismount vehicles
  • Added popup to show repair costs when a repair fails
  • Show downed teammates in orange in Team UI
  • Added IO outputs to SAM site (similar to Auto Turrets)
  • Added Defender mode to SAM site to defend against MLRS rockets only
  • Can now sort Contacts by last seen
  • Community UI is now scaled by client UI scale setting
  • Add teleport2autheditem command (similar to teleport2owneditem)
  • Using "ent who" on a sleeping bag will now show who the bag is assigned to
  • Added a keybind to focus the player on the map screen
  • Research bench will now warn you if researching an item that you already know
  • Pattern boomers will now be censored by the censor signs setting
  • Can no longer report the same player more than once every three minutes
  • Physicssteps now admin-only command
  • Hobo barrel can now be picked up
  • Hobo barrel can now be repaired
  • Reduced inventory size for crate_fuel
  • Bears no longer spawn in the arctic
  • Bears have less HP
  • Bears are less hostile


  • Fixed some map icons flickering when opening the map
  • Fixed XOR switches sending a small burst of power during server restarts
  • Fixed offset powerplant tire_stack mesh
  • Fixed elevator exploits
  • Fixed MipMap exploit
  • Fixed Phone VM's clipping into the camera at wide aspect ratios


  • Disabled Lunar new year fire crackers