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  • Above-ground rail network now connects to Trainyard
  • New resource wagons can be unloaded at Trainyard
  • New Locomotive train engine
  • New ambient lighting model
  • New monument lights
  • Added light switches to monuments
  • Added Flash bang grenade
  • Added Molotov cocktail


  • Updated layout of contacts page
  • Added server.clearugcentity convar to clear a piece of content (takes an entity id)
  • Added global.clearugcentitiesinrange to clear all content within a range of a position
  • Improved LOD system on modding prefabs from last month
  • Added Toggle ADS option
  • Improved performance when hitting resources
  • Improved performance when entering network range of NPC's
  • Improved performance when near underground tunnel entrances
  • Slightly improved rendering performance in monuments
  • Improved performance of UGC admin browser when lots of content is on a server
  • Added 6 new radio stations
  • Boom boxes connected to speakers should now more reliably play in sync
  • Increased maximum length of server radio stations list to 1024 characters (was 256)
  • Increased size of radio station picker
  • Show the genetics of plant clones being sold in vending machines (in-person and via drone)
  • Updated Wooden Signs models and textures to be higher res and have a more even paintable surface area
  • Improved Cliff Collision - A number of cliff colliders have been improved, making them easier to climb
  • Scrap Tea now yields more scrap and lasts longer
  • Underwater labs size decreased by up to 75%


  • Fixed tech tree path counter not working properly on T1 tech trees
  • Fixed demos failing to play if the local player died during recording
  • Fixed several mountables not properly showing the characters head moving while mounted
  • Fixed radio playback becoming distorted if a player leaves audible range of the Boom Box but is still in range of Connected Speakers
  • Fixed a long standing bug causing invalid projectiles when mounted to vehicles


  • Above-ground Work Cart train engine wagon-pulling power has been reduced