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  • Added Storage Adaptor
  • Added Industrial Conveyor
  • Added Pipe Tool
  • Added Industrial Combiner
  • Added Industrial Splitter
  • Added Industrial Crafter
  • Added Electric Furnace
  • Added multithreaded networking support (disabled by default)


  • Improved server performance for chains of water containers
  • Can now increase the blur quality of depth of field via graphics.dof_kernel_count (0,1,2,3)
  • Can disable particle and animator LOD for cinematics (graphics.disableParticleLod and graphics.disableAnimatorLod)
  • Server name no longer appears in Rust+ menu if streamer mode is active
  • Codelock default options changed around
  • There are now several different varieties of train loot wagons (different sets of crates)


  • Fixed behaviour when attempting to spectate a player via the admin tools when another player with the same name is on the server
  • Kicking a player via the admin tools will now correctly use the supplied kick reason
  • Fixed admin UI no longer functioning if player is disconnected from server while UI is open
  • Fixed aggressive rowboat LOD levels (details disappeared too soon)
  • Fixed incorrect notes on bass guitar and xylobones when using MIDI input
  • Fixed missing ceiling collision in water treatment plant "pigeon nest" building
  • Fixed code lock lights no longer being visible through transparent objects like glass
  • Fixed Blackjack tables using hold-to-dismount if the hold to dismount convar was set above zero
  • Fixed sfx playing incorrectly if a shot ends while a sfx is triggered in the demo editor
  • Fixed gibs sometimes failing to spawn after a while when scrubbing through a demo


  • Removed fullscreen exclusive support as it was causing degraded performance compared to borderless fullscreen mode


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