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  • Map marker enhancements
  • Surveillance pings


  • Industrial Conveyors will now attempt to fill existing stacks in a container before making a new stack
  • Demo shot UI system is now enabled by default
  • Added safe mode configs
  • Computer monitor UI now shows a health bar for the entity you're controlling
  • Added ability to move to next/prev entry on computer UI with arrow keys or mouse wheel
  • If you have vehicleDismountHoldTime set above zero, it's now used for dismounting the computer station if you're piloting a drone
  • Hold the alt-look key (left Alt by default) when right-clicking or hover-looting from a loot container in order to wear clothing items if the required clothing slot isn't already taken
  • Hold the alt-look key (left Alt by default) when right-clicking or hover-looting from inventory to treat the action as if there's no loot panel open
  • For destroyed entities: If the drop container is the floating type, use it even when there is only one item to drop, instead of dropping just the item on its own. Applies to submarine and boat storage.
  • Added translated monument name to "monuments" admin console command
  • Updated to Unity 2021.3.21f1
  • Enabled multithreaded networking by default for both client and server
  • Optimized memory pool when used from multiple threads in parallel (resource contention)


  • Fixed tactical gloves, diving gear and wetsuits not appearing in industrial filter dialogs
  • Fixed case where Buffer/AND Industrial Conveyor transfers would never complete
  • Fixed Industrial Crafter not dropping loot or blueprints when destroyed
  • Fixed incorrect research cost when researching the Baseball Bat (should use the cost of the Mace as it's a skin)
  • Fixed not being able to repair the Drone in a Repair Bench
  • Fixed computer UI allowing player to open inventory
  • Fixed disconnect reason not displaying correctly with multithreaded networking enabled