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  • Train signals in the underground train tunnels are now functional
  • Above and below rail linking
  • Wire tool Reconnect
  • New Item Fish Trophy - Frontier Base Decor Pack DLC
  • New Item Hunting Trophy - Frontier Base Decor Pack DLC
  • New item Wooden Frontier Bar Doors - Frontier Base Decor Pack DLC
  • New item Wanted Poster - Frontier Base Decor Pack DLC
  • New item Torch Holder - Frontier Base Decor Pack DLC
  • New item Rocking Chair - Frontier Base Decor Pack DLC
  • New item Frontier Planters - Frontier Base Decor Pack DLC
  • New item Single Item Weapon Racks - Frontier Base Decor Pack DLC
  • New item Storage Barrels - Frontier Base Decor Pack DLC


  • Planters can now be picked up with a hammer
  • Graphics quality slider has been replaced with a dropdown
  • Dropped items no longer fall through vehicles
  • Can refill jackhammer in repair bench
  • Added ability to autoskin items by holding shift while right clicking into repair bench
  • Increased slots per horse saddlebag from 6->12
  • Horse storage loot panel seperated from horse equipment & stats
  • Added IO port to spooky speaker
  • When using laser attachment with scope, the laser is now always centred
  • Hover looting now uses the state of the Alt hover key at the time the hover occurred, instead of the later time that the transfer occurs
  • Improved team invites often not sending
  • Improved turret server side performance
  • Added 'client.showsashes true/false' client command to hide sashes - admin only
  • Added 'player.sethealth number playername/id' 'player.setfood number playername/id' 'player.setwater number playername/id' commands - admin only
  • 'refillvitals' now removes radiation - admin only
  • Updated skin bundles
  • Added retry logic for setting up Rust+ on server, if rust+ failed, we'll retry to connect


  • Fixed Acoustic Guitar skins not appearing in 3rd person
  • Fixed helicopters no longer taking damage when colliding with Cargo Ship or Excavator
  • Fixed ammo count not showing in weapons outside hotbar
  • Fixed fish trap allowing any item
  • Fixed Vehicles taking no damage when hitting certain surfaces
  • Fixed exploit to loot sleepers & corpses in safezone
  • Fixed codelock RPC not working when on the opposide side of a double door
  • Fixed team invite not working consistantly
  • Fixed crafted amount resetting each time you click "craft"
  • Fixed shotgun trap shooting authed players after the TC was destroyed in large multi TC bases
  • Fixed single armoured doors open delay
  • Fixed single wooden door opening delay
  • Fixed m249 glove clipping issues
  • Fixed electrical switch on and off inputs not affecting the switch as expected and requiring rewiring after use
  • Fixed laser and torch attachments not activating properly after a server reload if the turret was powered during the save
  • Fixed Electrical Branch missing lights at night
  • Fixed Root Combiner missing lights at night
  • Fixed craft amount resets to "1" each time you craft
  • Fixed lighting torch underwater
  • Fixed poor performance when using cached browser
  • Fixed Brick Skin Roof not casting any shadows
  • Fixed "Brutalist Triangle Roof pixel gap"


  • Halloween event disabled
  • Global rendering disabled


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