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  • Added Metal detector item
  • Added Small Backpack
  • Added Large Backpack
  • Added Shovel (Currently not useable, for future implementation)
  • Added white variation of Lunar New Year lantern for more neutral ambient lighting connoisseurs
  • Added option to show death marker on compass (can be disabled in UI settings)
  • Added an indicator to guns on the Belt Bar when burst mode is toggled on and off
  • Added Server.industrialTransferStrictTimeLimits to more accurately control Industrial performance on busier servers
  • Legacy Shelter can now be limited by server owners (default of 1) set by 'server.max_shelters'. Map marker is now displayed if kept at the default
  • Added option to have map button as toggle instead of hold


  • Reduce server side entity counts by selectively spawning Planner entities
  • Add a tooltip on the hostile indicator in the inventory
  • Improved behaviour of doors and gates when hitting vehicles while animating
  • Passing ‘teleport2marker’ a -1 argument will now teleport to the last placed marker
  • Improved client performance when excessive amounts of Laser Lights are deployed
  • Improved client performance when the player is getting shot
  • Improved client performance in the Main Menu
  • Improved server Industrial performance on some complex Conveyor setups
  • Refreshed visuals on loot barrels and some background props
  • Ladder hatches can be repaired without ladders
  • Convar to disable the fade in the death screen 'server.skipDeathScreenFade'
  • Legacy Shelters are now easier to place
  • Doors, hatches and embrasures can now be rotated while being deployed using R
  • Warning popup when logging out in a safe zone
  • Increased all plants ripe stage duration from 4h to 14h
  • Launch site monument static SAM sites will no longer shoot down MLRS rockets
  • Eoka more likely to shoot after every failed strike
  • Reduced memory footprint for textures, shaders and meshes
  • Improved texture quality
  • Weapon Racks can now hold Instruments
  • Updated rocket launcher handling sounds


  • Fixed locker displaying incorrect specular values when using workshop skins. Community Skin-makers can now include their own specular maps when submitting workshop locker skins.
  • Fixed incorrect repair costs for Auto Turrets
  • Fixed team markers being mis-aligned while using Night-Vision Goggles.
  • Fixed player clothing sometimes not updating properly when scrubbing in a demo file
  • Fixed Bar Doors sometimes loading in the incorrect orientation
  • Fixed being able to deploy other entities onto a specific Rustige egg
  • Entities reskinned with the Spraycan will no longer lose their OwnerId for admin purposes
  • Fixed ‘teleport2marker’ command not working when assigned to a key
  • Fixed incorrect behaviour when a Water Pump was connected to a barrel via a Combiner/Splitter
  • Fixed Smart Switch not calculating passthrough properly when Turn On/Off inputs are changed
  • Fixed Chainsaw continuing to consume fuel if a player disconnects while it’s in use
  • Fixed the Skinning Knife not producing player heads when the server has server side ragdolls disabled
  • Possibly fixed an exception some players were receiving when attempting to assign a player to a Wanted Poster
  • Fixed server-side ragdolls flickering briefly invisible when entering and leaving parenting triggers
  • Fixed rare bug where a door can't be picked up until a lock is placed and removed from it
  • Fixed player being incorrectly dismounted from rowboat
  • Fixed animals camping the Legacy Shelter
  • Fixed NRE whilst reloading and swapping weapons
  • Ensured all neon signs now stack to 5
  • Fixed unpowered turrets turning on their attachments
  • Fixed Legacy Shelter grass displacement not working properly on certain terrains
  • Fixed third person speargun being offset when held, and when holstered
  • Fixed missing bottom on the Storage monitor
  • Fixed boneknife & vampire stake disappearing from view when cancelling a throw animation (viewmodel)
  • Fixed locomotives being able to get stuck on railings in the train tunnels on certain seeds
  • Fixed Scientists sometimes dying to Cacti
  • Fixed EAC backend auth issue kicks
  • Fixed M4 shotgun playing the incorrect gunshot sound with a muzzle break attached

Known Issues

  • Cameras / Entities at Oilrigs resulting in error messages or nullref error kicks when a player interacts - We have identified the cause and fixes are currently undergoing testing.


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