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  • New Tutorial Island
  • Night Light
  • Item Store skins now show a 3D preview of the item
  • Checking vendor stock is now done in a dedicated window


  • Attack Helicopter driver's seat now has small LED lights indicating rocket and flare readiness
  • Attack Helicopter flares are now limited to one use every 30 seconds
  • Improved colors when assigning a player bag or turret auth to better reflect if they are teammate, friend or player on server
  • Workshop editor now has a toggleable light
  • Loot barrels visual improvement with corresponding decals (fuel, goods, etc.)
  • Added ESPCanvas.DisplayDistanceMultiplier, to modify the distance at which nameplates become visible
  • Improved nameplates client performance
  • Clothing slots now show what clothing will be replaced when equipping something
  • Binoculars now have an included rangefinder
  • Sled no longer requires high quality metal to craft or repair
  • Backpack UI now fades in and out when opening
  • Shader memory footprint reduced by an additional ~30%


  • Fixed hp flickering when spectating players
  • Fixed pipe tool resetting industrial pipe when unequipping & re-equipping the pipe tool
  • Fixed turrets shooting through frontier foundations
  • Fixed weapons very rarely becoming unequippable after looting it from a backpack
  • Fixed case where Auto Turret interference limits weren’t being processed correctly and causing a memory leak on the server
  • Fixed Large Backpack missing from Industrial Conveyor filters
  • Metal detector can no longer be used in safe zones
  • Fixed CNY spear weapon rack alignment
  • Fixed keycards held by other players always appearing green
  • Fixed microphone stand incorrect power usage display in the UI
  • Fixed upkeep resources cost texts being too large
  • Fixed map markers flashing when player is downed
  • Fixed map not opening when downed if using the new toggle map option
  • Fixed roof clipping exploits when seating in sofas and chairs
  • Fixed items being able to be crafted with a broken ingredient (eg stone spears being made with a broken wooden spear)
  • Fixed an NRE caused by vending machine screen fade out
  • Fixed transparent/glass modding cubes not visible
  • Fixed firefly artifacts blowing up bloom on glass modding cubes
  • Fixed player preview being affected by sun/moon directional light


  • Default nudity changed from uncensored to pixelated


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