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  • Harbor monument reworks
  • Cargo Ship docking
  • Bradley Scientists will now help defend it
  • Patrol Helicopter reworks and improvements
  • IO entities snapping
  • Saturation Tube for Large and Small oilrigs, including new CCTV station.
  • New Seed and Mushroom World Models
  • Ping estimation in server browser
  • Added minigun
  • Added military flame thrower


  • Tool cupboard upkeep timer now in realtime
  • Increased counter max target number from 100 to 999
  • Reversed RAND switch behavior, passes power when on and resets to off
  • Reactive target will now only reset itself after being knocked down. Powering the lower aux input will keep it lowered
  • Updated smart switch guide mesh
  • Vendor UI now closes automatically when map is closed
  • Vendor name is now shown again on hover of single vendors
  • Updated patrol helicopter map tooltip name
  • Improved overgowth foliage at monuments
  • More props and structures react to the snow biome in monuments and will display a snow variant
  • Updated Head Bag World Model to use a Bloody Texture
  • Prevent stashes from networking while underground


  • Fixed being able to build close to Oil Rig/out in deep ocean
  • Fixed cooking objectives not appearing in a specific sequence when playing the tutorial
  • Fixed missing colliders on tutorial island
  • Fixed incorrect information on Tutorial tag tooltip in server browser
  • Fixed tutorial tag appearing incorrectly aligned in loading screen
  • Fixed some tutorial Island text not localizing correctly
  • Fixed tutorial achievements not unlocking correctly
  • Fixed some tutorial popup videos not appearing after the player dies during the tutorial
  • Tutorial island server performance improvements
  • Fixed opening inventory causing large lag spikes after opening large amount of vending machines
  • Fixed attachments being right clicked onto weapon instead of into backpack
  • Fixed clothing being worn instead of right clicked into backpack
  • Fixed items not being right clicked from backpack -> vending machine
  • Fixed full server demo error when running with `-nonetworkthread`
  • Fixed backpack UI being stuck on screen after opening & closing backpack
  • Fixed a particular water pump IO configuration that could degrade server performance
  • Fixed electrical deployables being offset when placed
  • Fixed AND, & OR gates draining batteries on both sides instead of only the side with the highest power input
  • Fixed memory cell draining battery on both sides instead of from the active output
  • Fixed electrical branch draining power when nothing is connected to its branch out side
  • Fixed unpowered components draining batteries, much more common now that branches do not waste power anymore
  • Fixed auxiliary inputs/outputs draining power unnecessarily
  • Fixed memory cell draining battery on both sides instead of from the active output
  • Fixed memory cell power passthrough being shown on both outputs instead of on the active one
  • Fixed counter power passing power through when under their target value
  • Fixed a bunch of naming inconsistencies across IO entity handles (e.g 'Power' instead of 'Power In')
  • Fixed wire tool not clearing active wire when right clicking
  • Reduced the slight delay in showing UI passthrough value when looking at an IO entity
  • Fixed timer time not editable until powered
  • Fixed pressure pads blocking power passthrough for a bit when triggered
  • Fixed industrial combiner deployable on self
  • Fixed button deployable on the side of other components
  • Fixed electrical flasher light and siren light having no emission when on
  • Fixed industrial conveyors aux outputs passing power even when they have 0 energy left
  • Fixed industrial crafter not draining any power (now drains 1 when ON and 0 when OFF)
  • Fixed switch and smart switch green/red lights feedbacks
  • Fixed ceiling lights being powerable using only 1 power instead of 2
  • Fixed storage monitor missing deploy guide
  • Fixed workbench tier 2 oversized spraycan prop collider preventing shooting through open gap
  • Fixed stacking small sign exploit
  • Fixed microphone stand typo
  • Fixed weapon racks being able to be deployed underwater
  • Fixed patrol helicopter not exploding when hitting the water
  • Fixed patrol helicopter getting locked in an orbit around a non existent target
  • Fixed patrol helicopter staying on the map when it's being told to retire
  • Fixed elevator doors in Launch Site getting duplicated every time a server rebooted


  • Disabled Easter Event


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