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Chippy Arcade

Players of our game Chippy on Steam will get an exclusive Chippy Arcade machine to play with in game. Plus some optimisations and bug fixes for everyone.

21 June 2019
To celebrate the launch of our new incubator game Chippy, which we was released a week today on Steam, we've added the Chippy Arcade to Rust. The item is rewarded to accounts automatically that have played Chippy for at least half an hour. We did consider giving it only to people that have beaten Chippy - but the game is that hardcore that so far only one person in the whole world has done that. And that guy fucking hates Rust.
If you get the item and then refund Chippy, you will lose the item and rebuying won't bring it back. So stop. You can find out more about Chippy by clicking here.
There was a problem with network interpolation that could make vehicle movement appear to jitter relative to each other when the connection to the server was less than perfect. There's probably still some tweaking left to do, but it should be fixed for the most part.
Skin unloading is now confirmed to be stable and fast with no real downside left to address, so we have decided to enable it for everybody by default. As a reminder, this reduces the memory impact of skins by unloading skins that are no longer referenced by any objects on the client.
We had to disable the new physics broadphase algorithm with the last update to debug a server physics crash. We now enabled it, which should make all physics queries and updates significantly faster. This can particularly be felt on the server.
I profiled some AI code and found that AI was doing a lot of expensive raycasts to check visibility to humanoid NPCs they aren't even interested in. Removing this eliminated significant overhead from the AI sensory system on the server.
I added some debug commands to play some existing gestures ingame but it ended up being fun so we expanded it so anyone can use them. type "gesture ____" to execute one, the list is as follows:
  • wave
  • victory
  • shrug
  • thumbsup
  • chicken
  • hurry
  • whoa
You can also bind them to a key. In the console (F1) type bind m "gesture wave" ( include the quotes) Every time you hit M you will wave. I'll add a radial menu to execute these in the future and we'll also add some new ones, Enjoy!


  • Enabled skin unloading by default for everybody
  • Enabled the new multibox pruning broadphase algorithm for the physics system
  • Added 'gesture' console command


  • Improved network interpolation time offset calculation
  • Optimized the AI sensory system
  • Added skin memory usage to print_loaded_skins
  • Optimized the vending machine world UI (also affects the new Chippy arcade)


  • Fixed 'Ride Horse' being visible when someone is already on the horse


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