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Community Update 257

Halloween Trailers, Breast Cancer Charity, Project Lazarus Event, & more!

26 October 2023
Community Support
United States
Rust daVinci blessed us with a walkthrough of their Halloween town on the Method Games RP server. Village will be up till Nov. 2nd if anyone wants to check it out!

October 27th-29th

Some of our most badass babes in Rust are getting together to do a Breast Cancer Research fundraiser this weekend!

Tune into BeccaSomething, MuyDala, Jennifer, Peachieeo, Terpsicat & many more to watch some chaos and donate to the cause!

There will be tons of giveaways including VIP/Queue Bypass to many of your favorite community Rust servers along with some Official Rust DLC items.
Support these awesome ladies by tuning in and donating to the cause!
Providing some signal boost for the upcoming Project Lazarus event!

Event participants are invite only but if you're interested in getting involved check out their discord for more information.
u/ReptarKitawa made this super rad party base on Rustopia US Large.  Gives me Ibiza Party vibes and looks like a great time!  Last I checked it was still alive too if you want to stop by and have some fun!

Audio is NSFW but I'm just going to leave this here..

If you made something cool or saw something cool, reach out! Tag me on the Twitterverse or u/ErrnieGerrn Reddit.

Cover image by LostDoesArt!


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