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Halloween 2019

18 October 2019
A Rust Halloween event is upon us! We've released a patch containing lots of spooky features, including a Trick or Treat event and NPC Mummies. We hope you enjoy the event as much as we did creating it.
There is also a bunch of halloween exclusive content both new and old on the Rust Item Store.


  • Added new in game report dialog (F7)
  • Added "reportplayer <steamid>" console command
  • Added "quickcraftdelay" console command to adjust the quick-craft refresh click buffer (0 to 1 seconds, 0 to disable)
  • Clothing items can now be placed onto the belt and equipped directly from there by pressing the corresponding hotkey.
  • Spooky Halloween content enabled


  • Server FPS no longer gets capped by the client FPS limit