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The Combat Update

The biggest gunplay update since Rust's initial release, Hapis Island is back, Handmade LMG added, and scientists now patrol the Launch site along with a huge amount of other improvements and fixes.

02 June 2022
Today, we're releasing an update to the gunplay in Rust. The initial implementation of the weapons in Rust was done nearly 7 years ago and hasn't been significantly modified since it's inception. While these changes will be controversial, We believe these changes are necessary for the health of the game.


The old recoil system in rust had some issues. It was loved by some, and hated by others.

If you didn't have hundreds if not thousands of hours practicing the recoil in rust, Firing at people in the game would often feel like attempting to align two like poled magnets. Frustrating would be an understatement.

Ultimately, being good at first person shooters and having the drop on someone wasn't good enough. If the other person had thousands of hours of training their aim you stood very little chance.

This was fun for people who could spend thousands of hours training their aim, or morally bankrupt individuals who would choose to use scripts to gain an advantage. This was not fun for 99% of the population, and it's time for a change.

Instead of pattern based recoil, we now implement a gradient based aim drift and inaccuracy for automatic weapons. That is to say, the longer you hold down the trigger, the more inaccurate the weapon becomes. It still takes skill to try and keep it centered on the target, but it is not the same with each burst. We've also updated aimcone (inaccuracy of bullets relative to where you are aiming )to use a weighted system, so that roughly 20% of the shots will land in the center. This means that automatic fire at a long range effectively decreases DPS. This encourages players to use the right weapons in the right situations and to improve their tactics and burst discipline. There should be less 200m beaming going on. What this has done is compressed the skill ceiling, and we think this is a good thing.

Perfectly replicated recoil also meant that mouse scripts could be abused to put 30 rounds on target at 200m, every time.  

In addition to the aforementioned recoil changes, we went through and modernized some other elements of the 'first person shooter' experience.


The most immediately noticeable change is the sound effects of most of the guns have been updated. This might take some getting used to but the quality has improved significantly.

View models

The View Models have had their dynamic animations updated. You'll notice the walking bob is much improved, as is the sway when looking left/right/up/down. It's a small change but helps to bring things into this decade.

View Models also have a crisper punch back when firing, and they animate the main camera during reloads to emphasize the hand actions.
We've added head bob which is active when sprinting, it's a small touch but adds to the experience. You can turn this off in the options.
All of these elements combined gives the weapons in rust a much cleaner and modern feeling.

Hit punch & directional markers

We also felt that there were some issues knowing where you were taking damage from, with large splotches of blood covering most of the screen during high damage encounters. 

We've changed this so that you now receive a smaller semicircle blood splat indicating the direction you took damage from, and a small amount of Screen Shake. Please note that silenced shots will not produce a damage indicator on the victims HUD.

Hit cross

We've added a visual hit indicator to accompany the sound you're all familiar with. Upon landing a successful hit onto another player or AI you'll now notice a hit marker cross briefly appearing.


10 years ago in legacy rust, people would tie dental floss to the top and sides of their monitor to create a crosshair in the center. Now everyone can simply enable one on their monitor or using third party software. Because of this we decided to add a crosshair to the game natively.
The crosshair will give you a rough idea of your accuracy based on the weapon you are holding and your stance.  We'll be looking at crosshair customization options in the future, as well as specific crosshairs for different weapon types (melee/throwing, etc.) The crosshair can be disabled within the options menu if you hate it and third party crosshairs are allowed to be used.

As always, this is a work in progress, We're going to review all the feedback and continue to make adjustments until we get this right. Everything is subject to change.
The handmade light machine gun is a new tier 3 craftable weapon, with high damage, a high rate of fire, and low accuracy but great at suppressing fire.
Crafting cost: 30 HQM, 1 rifle body, 2 metal springs and 3 gears.
The extended magazine is a new tier 2 weapon attachment which can be attached to most guns, providing an additional 25% ammo capacity.

Crafting cost: 10 high quality metal.
Hate standing around crafting ammo? You can now craft basic ammo types from the mixing table. Players are still required to have the ammo blueprint unlocked.
Rail Speed Boost
Horses on train tracks receive the same speed boost as on roads
Coupled Car Display
The train's screen now shows the number of connected cars
Land Mine
The Landmine is now scaled down
Projectile Invalid
We've resolved a number of invalid projectiles whilst shooting under low ceiling
Vehicle Sensitivity
Vehicles will now grab all mouse input leading to smoother control
Compound Bow
Now loses less durability while held back

Please use the new in-game "Vehicle sensitivity" slider to adjust sensitivity if your vehicle control feels off.
Scientists have been added to the main building at the Launch Site monument. You can expect to see them patrolling the various floors as well as the rooftop area.

As with some of the other recently added Scientists, these ones can use healing items, too.
There's a new Work Cart train variant that will sometimes spawn on the above-ground rails, which has some more cover at the back. It's marginally slower than the other one, but otherwise behaves the same.
In the near future, we have a proper new locomotive and more rail system updates on the way.
Expanding upon last month's rail network changes, this month I added closer rail sidings to sections of the rail network. Train spawns have been moved to those sidings in order to free up the main rail for traffic.

The spray can has received an upgrade with the Graffiti Pack available in the Item store. Once purchased, you can choose from a variety of decals to spray in the world, as well as a free paint mode letting your creativity run wild.

Once purchased, hold Reload (R) to browse the decal options or to switch to free spray mode. While in free spray mode you can press Interact (E) to change spray size and Reload to change colour or switch back to decal mode.
Found some graffiti on your base? Simply interact with the spray while holding something filled with water (Bota bag, bucket, bottle, etc) to clear the spray off.

By default sprays should last three hours. There is a cap on how many sprays can be sprayed by a given player (25 at the moment) that we'll keep an eye on and raise if possible in future updates. Streamers should note that sprays sprayed by other players won't be visible when "Hide Signs" is active, although your own signs will still be visible.

The reskin ability remains unchanged and is still available to everyone.
For those of you who prefer more familiar surroundings, we're releasing the updated Hapis Island today, which has been AWOL ever since our last graphical update broke it. It should all be pretty familiar, with the exception that we decided to expand the desert in the south, and make it a proper desert this time.

We've also added a few more secondary islands, along with some other small additions that I'll leave you to discover. Later on I expect we will add the new railroads to it as well, but for now we just wanted to get it out there.

All blueprints on Facepunch Hapis Island servers will be wiped today.

We're finally releasing the updated Rust Steam Point store today, Lewis and Paddy have been working hard on improving the quality and quantity of the store assets.

We'll be expanding the collection over the coming months. 

Animated Avatar

Avatar Profile Frame

Profile Background


Visit the Rust Steam point store here.


  • Updated recoil
  • Added Hit cross
  • Added directional hit markers
  • Added hit punch
  • Added Crosshair
  • Added Handmade LMG
  • Added extended Magazine
  • Added Spray Can Decal Pack
  • New covered work cart train
  • Added invisible spawnable loot prefabs for map makers
  • Added Scientists to the Launch Site monument
  • Added sidings to rail network


  • Parenting to an entity in a demo shot will now properly be recorded in the shot
  • Compound bow now loses less durability while held back
  • Reduced landmine size
  • Add "autofocus" option to input fields for Community UI
  • Improved performance when picking up resources
  • Jittery magnet crane rotation is smoother
  • Added SedanRail entity for admins. Spawnable only on rails
  • Horses now get the same speed boost on rail as they do on road
  • WorkCart monitor now shows the number of connected train cars, beeps when a new one is connected, and the whole monitor display is 40% brighter
  • Added FPS counter configs to the options menu
  • Improved loading screen on ultra widescreen
  • Basic ammo types can now be crafted from the mixing table


  • Fixed some UI layout issues on the answering machine UI
  • Fixed helicopters being visible when idle at long distances (also applied same behaviour to Hot Air Balloons)
  • Fixed Spear Gun not appearing in players hands correctly when equipped (affected players and NPC's)
  • Fixed auto turret missing open/close UI sounds
  • Fixed footstep sounds always being barefoot sounds after changing to other footwear
  • Fixed cargo ship RHIB being unusable after server restart (RPC error)
  • Fixed cargo ship RHIB leaking fuel and storage entity after server restart
  • Fixed solar panels pointing to the sun's location in the server's central sky dome instead of the sun's true direction. Light angle on solar panels now always matches visible sun position
  • Fixed floating wooden barricade cover
  • Fixed invalid projectiles when shooting under low ceilings


  • recoilproperties.version will be removed within the next 2 weeks while we evaluate feedback.


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