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  • Added benchmarks
  • Added projectile refraction when penetrating objects
  • Added player self interaction menu (currently only used for drinking)
  • Added Salt Water


  • Improved the performance of player and sleeper streaming from the server
  • Chat message UI objects are now pooled (less garbage collection)
  • Max Hydration halved
  • Max Calories halved
  • Bleeding damage quartered
  • Bota Bag can be filled from the world
  • Bota Bag cost reduction
  • Water does not provide health above 40hp
  • Moving around uses lots more calories/water
  • No sprinting when fully dehydrated
  • Increased storage capacity of Bucket/Barrel
  • Can drink from any body of water by looking at it and pressing E
  • Flamethrower finds ammo if put on belt


  • Fixed huge performance drops when looking at or nearby players in certain situations
  • Fixed deployment of boxes on shelves being annoying
  • Fixed certain deployables being placeable at unrealistic angles
  • Fixed a rare issue that could make code locks float when opening or closing doors
  • Fixed being able to loot through tiny slits between building block colliders
  • Fixed an issue that could make client side colliders have slightly incorrect positions
  • Fixed an issue that could make two C4s stick to each other and get stuck in the air
  • Fixed inconsistent bone scales between the player preview model and the player model
  • Fixed an issue where chat messages could overflow and use tons of memory
  • Fixed glitch causing glow on monument decals in OpenGL
  • Fixed sun flicker pattern on the horizon in OpenGL