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  • Added new model for holosight
  • Added new model for silencer
  • Dungeons: railroad and roads art added
  • Added Semi-Automatic Rifle


  • Updated crash reporting
  • Announce to other players when admins give items
  • Large water catcher is researchable
  • Don't receive voice chat when dead
  • Can now use steam connect protocol
  • Moved debug keys to console commands
  • Better mesh batching for improved client performance
  • Made white skinned players more apparent
  • Tweaked how server list is refreshed to avoid overload


  • Fixed missing texture on key lock
  • Fixed rock smash particles colliding with player collider
  • Fixed invisible collectibles (rock, wood etc)
  • Fixed being able to use blueprint as ammo
  • Dungeons: fixed missing pipes collision
  • Dungeons: fixed missing concrete wall collision (military tunnels)
  • Fixed bed exploit to get inside rocks
  • Fixed bed placement issues
  • Fixed exploit using disconnect during loading screen


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