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  • Added a maxthreads convar (defaults to 8)


  • AK47 mesh updated
  • Bone club throwable
  • Atlased building parts
  • Atlased perimeter walls (stone/wood)
  • Large wood storage (chest) re-skin
  • Lantern optimizations
  • Made building in caves much more solid and enjoyable
  • Building deployables can now be rotated on placement by looking left and right
  • Enabled radial damage line of sight checks on the landmine
  • Landmine and timed explosives now use more robust line of sight checks
  • New ambient sound system
  • Lots of new ambient sounds
  • Lowgrade fuel craft sessions yield 4 instead of 3


  • LOD holes fixed on doorways (wood/metal)
  • Fixed field of view exploit
  • Fixed grass removal exploit
  • Fixed various “sphere test failed” building placement errors
  • Fixed various building block stacking exploits
  • Fixed a number of building deployable stacking exploits
  • Fixed various building block stability exploits
  • Fixed various issues that caused building stability to be unreliable
  • Fixed various cases where buildings would not update the stability of connected blocks
  • Fixed a regression that could make batched renderers invisible for a short time


  • Removed extra 5m tool cupboard placement prevention buffer


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