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  • Added frosty breath when temperature drops
  • Added weapon attachment: Silencer


  • New SavasIsland_koth no-build map
  • Hapis Island finally spawns barrels again
  • Improved large furnace VFX
  • Improved small furnace VFX
  • Lowered field rocks
  • Reduced waterside rock scale
  • Tweaked per-biome forest shape, size and frequency
  • Cliffside topology (to be used for new object spawns)
  • Support for empty topologies (relevant for custom maps)
  • Wood barricades can be penetrated by certain rifle bullets and shotgun slugs
  • Twig building parts can be penetrated by all bullet types
  • Increased health of twig building parts from 5 to 10
  • Reduced the penetration power of arrows and throwables
  • Improved sky reflections
  • Smoothed server/client time sync
  • Censor shader no longer falls back to a black rectangle on low shader LODs
  • Server events like the airdrop are no longer always triggered after a server restart
  • Spectating first person now views through target's eyes
  • Pressing F4 will take a screenshot with and without the HUD
  • Pressing F9 will take a screenshot 5x your resolution (buggy as hell tho)
  • Raid camera automatically hides the HUD and has smoothing
  • Tweaked viewmodel aiming to reduce jitter at lower framerates


  • Fixed muzzle flash positions on some weapons
  • Fixed worldmodel collisions for some dropped weapons
  • Fixed player eye brightness
  • Fixed dropping blueprint on item sometimes combining/stacking them


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