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  • Added skin chooser when crafting
  • Added blueprint fragment system
  • Added public utilities to monuments
  • Added more loot to monuments
  • Added trashpiles near road and monuments
  • Added support for interactive monuments
  • Added some noise to the terrain around all monuments and radtowns
  • Added building topology to manually block tree placement around buildings of certain monuments
  • Added MonumentInfo to all monuments (could be interesting for mods)
  • Added different beachside trees to temperate beaches
  • Added input.autocrouch convar (enables legacy-style auto crouching)


  • Load time optimizations
  • Save speed optimizations
  • Sound playback CPU optimizations
  • Items show protection values in inventory
  • Items show details when hovered
  • Unified item shortnames (internal change)
  • Unified prefab names (internal change)
  • Lowered rocket splash damage radius
  • Humans drop 1 fat + 1 per 3 minutes alive
  • Map is default blueprint
  • Crossbow zoom increased
  • Pumpjack works slower
  • Crude oil produces less low grade fuel per unit
  • Increased ak47 recoil to bring it in line with the m4 from legacy
  • Doubled Small Wood Storage capacity
  • Can’t build near radtowns
  • Lowgrade fuel crafting session produces 3 instead of 7 units
  • Furnaces are cheaper
  • Improved lake and forest shapes
  • Brought back icebergs to the arctic biome
  • Tweaked arid biome to make it easier to identify
  • Made terrain normal calculation more accurate (fixes various minor issues)
  • Reduced height map memory usage by 50%
  • Tweaked field rock assets and distribution
  • Palms only spawn on arid beaches
  • Minor vegetation performance improvements
  • Physics optimizations of roads and rivers
  • Icesheets are visible from further away and are more spread out
  • All animals except chicken now drop leather and 50% of the cloth they used to drop
  • Roadsign body and leg armor now require leather instead of cloth
  • Metal plate body and head armor now require leather instead of cloth
  • All hide clothing types now require leather instead of cloth
  • Made player movement gravity and friction tests more reliable
  • Made door lock colliders more accurate


  • Fixed server NRE which was only fixed by a restart
  • Fixed multiple doors being placed in a doorway
  • Fixed cargo plane networking its position too often
  • Fixed line of sight issues with explosives
  • Fixed item icons getting stuck selected
  • Fixed selection panel not always showing
  • Fixed blueprint panel not always showing
  • Fixed sometimes needing to click on blueprint button twice
  • Fixed active weapon not always updating for other players
  • Fixed that planted corn and pumpkins disappeared after every server restart
  • Fixed doors being unplaceable if deployables were placed behind their frame
  • Fixed that players could get stuck in the falling state
  • Fixed issues with crouch jumping
  • Fixed door lock colliders colliding with player movement (fixes door exploit)


  • Changed sign/map image storage to use a sqlite db (old folder will be deleted)