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  • New deployable Elevator
  • Added Steam Networking (requires server to be launched with -swnet and -queryport)
  • Added server demo recording
  • Added desire trails to small monuments
  • Added additional side road connections to monuments (larger overall road network)


  • Player collider now resizes correctly versus projectiles like rockets when the player is crouched or lying down (wounded, sleeping)
  • No longer showing "1ft" on wire or hose items, since they're unlimited
  • Boats now decay at an increased rate when in deep water
  • Kayaks will now be slightly slower when when two players are paddling (still faster than just one paddler)
  • Disabled mip maps on terrain splat maps so they look less awful in the distance and on low graphics qualities
  • Disabled mip maps on terrain normal map to preserve terrain detail in the distance
  • Power lines can end at ring road (massively speeds up power line layout generation on large maps)
  • Allow 1 out of the 4 corners of a monument to slightly reach into a neighboring tier when finding spawn locations for them
  • Berry Bushes can now be cloned at earlier growth stages
  • Reduced building block around swamp_c
  • Reduced range of bandit sentry turret (Fishing Villages)
  • Reactive target now requires a hammer to pickup
  • Tweaked Powerplant radiation volumes, no longer result in high levels of radiation moving around the sides
  • Updated some old and incorrect/out dated item descriptions
  • Reduced chance of finding T1 car parts at road and water junkpiles
  • Moved garage door lock position higher
  • Push Button now sends a small burst of electricity when pushed even with no input
  • Refreshed player map color scheme
  • Update scope overlays to scale the color with the time of day (so no more bright scope at night)
  • Added server.censorplayerlist (default false) to streamer mode the player list returned by A2S_PLAYER server queries (will not apply to already connected players so set it at startup)
  • Added world.rendermap to render a high res PNG of the map
  • Updated tea icons
  • Healing Tea - Advanced and Pure versions now provide a small amount of instant health, As well as greater healing over time
  • Wood Tea - Basic +50%, Advanced +100%, Pure +200%.
  • Scrap Tea - Basic +50%, Advanced +100%, Pure +200%.
  • Max Health Tea - Duration increased to 20mins.
  • NPC vendors now refill their stock slowly instead of having an infinite amount always available
  • Improved picking up deployables by holding E with a hammer equipped


  • Fixed recycling stacks yield fewer resources than individuals
  • Fixed cargo ship lights not turning off during the day
  • Fixed invisible barrier across airfield rear door
  • Fixed glitchy interior door at airfield
  • Fixed not being able to place water items (boogie boards, tubes) after the servers water level was changed
  • Fixed search text appearing on crafting UI incorrectly
  • Fixed barrel gibs appearing in the wrong colour
  • Fixed not being able to download some textures from the Workshop Submission UI
  • Fixed vehicle parenting exploit
  • Fixed projectile velocity change exploit
  • Fixed projectile penetration exploit
  • Fixed several RPC exploits and DOS attack vectors
  • Fixed roof conditional model flyhack false positive
  • Fixed spawning on beach too close to fishing village
  • Fixed fishing villages sometimes spawning on islands
  • Fixed that the first monument that was placed (usually a harbor) would nearly never be connected to the road network
  • Fixed ORSwitch sparks
  • Fixed Sphere/Dome monument barrel spawners inside each other
  • Fixed allowing deployment through reinforced glass window
  • Fixed placing furnace on construction when placed at max-height
  • Fixed green card respawn at swamp_c
  • Fixed inside terrain antihack false positives at the water treatment plant (instant death spots)
  • Fixed unable to plant next to sapling or higher stage berry bush in a planter
  • Fixed engine stats not appearing when inspecting an engine on a car
  • Fixed some inconsistency shooting through glass (one way)
  • Fixed Autoturret targeting shotgun trap
  • Fixed windmill not rotating to the wind direction
  • Fixed Unable to break down multiple Steam items in inventory
  • Fixed the point of interest and death map markers using the center of the image as the origin, should have been bottom center
  • Fixed being unable to power storage monitors directly from batteries
  • Fixed minicopter being able to penetrate windows


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